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Gunton Sawmill Opening Days

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Pedham 22Oct2017
Pensthorpe 17Aug2015
Wormegay 4Aug2015

Lyng 4Sept
Gimingham 6Aug
Northwold 2Aug
Earsham 11Jul
Yaxham towermill 6Mar
Ditchingham 13Feb
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Gt Yarmouth Quayside postmill 23Feb
Gt Yarmouth Southtown postmill 23Feb
Gorleston postmill 19Feb
Gorleston early postmill 19Feb
Ten Mile Bank Carman's drainge 11Jan2017
Gt Ymth Southtn Halfway Hse tower 10Mar
Gt Yarmouth Southtown early postmill 21Jan
Gt Yarmouth Cobholm postmill 12Jan2016

Northwold Manbys Turret postmill 14Aug
Hockwold Mill Lane postmill 18May
Gt Dunham smockmill 25Apr
Halvergate Lockgate drainage 6Apr
Gooderstone Chalkrow Ln tower 27Mar
Yaxham Replica Smockmill 7Mar
Horsford St Helena towermill 23Feb
Tottenhill postmill 23Feb
Walpole St Peter Highway tower 23Feb
Gorleston Cliff Hill towermill 19Feb
East Runton towermill 13Feb

Gaywood Fairstead postmill 11Jan
Thornham postmill 8Jan2017
Cley towermill 27Oct
Roydon Tottington postmill 15Oct
Loddon Pye's postmill 9Oct2016
Alburgh postmill 1Aug
Methwold Old Feltwell Rd twr 21Jun
Hethersett Mill Rd postmill 11Apr2016

Brograve drainage 22Oct
Potter Heigham Highs drnge 4Sept

Cromer West St postmill 8Nov
Sidestrand Jermys smockmill 8Nov
Trowse postmill 8Nov
Upwell towermill 15Aug
Methwold Old Feltwell Rd twr 21Jun
Horsford St Helena towermill 6Apr
Cromer West St postmill 25Feb
Loddon Pye's postmill 28Jan2016

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Downham Market 14Aug
Whittington 15Oct2016
Haddiscoe Steam Drainage 30May
Kings Lynn Baker Lane 27May2016

Kings Lynn Boal 23Oct2012

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Smithdale 24Jan2016 .

The 1563 the Statute of Apprentices forbade anyone to enter a trade who had not served an apprenticeship.  Some modification to this Statute occurred but it remained on the statute books until 1814.  Prior to 1710 nothing exists for Apprentices in the archives in London. 
From 1710 - 1811 The Government decided to use the system to generate some revenue, hence the Stamp Duty records from Inland Revenue. Duty was payable by the master at the rate of 6d for every £1 under £50 that he received for taking on the apprentice and 1/- for every £1 above that sum. The deadline for payment was one year after the expiry of the indenture.

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