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Wortwell postmill stood to the east of the village. The mill buck was set on a large roundhouse and used one pair of patent sails and one pair of common sails to power 2 pairs of French burr stones.

Edward Hill and Robert Harvey of the Mill_Hill_postmill were business partners and appeared to be bankrupt over the course of several years.

To Millers
Blackmore & Co's Patent Bolting Cloths WITHOUT SEAMS
Sold by the following Agents ...
... Wortwell - Edward Hill
Norfolk Chronicle - 9th October 1819, 8th December 1820 & 11th May 1822

Commission of Bankruptcy against
Robert Crytoft Harvey of Alburgh
Edward Hill of Wortwell
Millers, Flour Merchants, Dealers & Chapmen, Co-partners in Trade to surrender 26 January instant.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th January 1826

To Millers, Bakers & others
To be Sold by Auction
by Order of the Assignees under Harvey & Hill's Bankruptcy
At Bungay, Wortwell and Syleham.
At Wortwell Mill on Friday 17 February 1826 at 11 0'c
The Stock of Wheat and Flour consisting of about
130 coombs of Wheat, old and new
270 sacks of Flour of different qualities, 100 of which are made from old Wheats
About 90 sacks of Old Red Wheat Meal
Upward of 1000 new five bushel double twill Sacks, with sundry Scales, Weights, Measures, Flour Cloths, Planks etc. etc.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th February 1826

WINDMILL between Harleston and Bungay
To be Sold by Auction at the Three Tuns Inn, Bungay on Thursday 21 June 1827
A Very Capital POST WIND-MILL with extensive brick roundhouse, situate near the Bell Inn, Wortwell in the county of Norfolk, built of the most substantial materials within the last eight years and contains two pair of highly superior French Stones, nearly new and all necessary machinery in complete repair.
The Mill to be removed within one month after the Sale.
For leave to view the Mill apply to Mr. Harvey, Wortwell Mills, and further particulars ... may be had in the Neighbourhood and of Mr. Newton, Tombland, Norwich. Letters to be post paid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd June 1827

Commission of Bankrupt dated 24 Dec. 1825 against Robert Crytoft Harvey, of Alburgh, Co. of Norfolk, and Edward Hill, of Wortwell, said Co., Millers and Flour Merchants. Accounts to be audited.
London Gazette - 21st March 1828

Re Commission of Bankrupt hearing date 24 December 1825 awarded & issued forth against ROBERT CRYTOFT HARVEY of Alburgh & EDWARD HILL of Wortwell, Millers & Flour Merchants …
Meeting of Commissioners 27 May 1829

Norfolk Chronicle - 9th May 1829

Commission of Bankrupt awarded against Robert Croft Harvey of Alburgh in the Co. of Norfolk, and Edward Hill of Wortwell in the said Co., Millers and Flour Merchants and Co-partners.
Harvey to be issued with certificate 5 November next.
London Gazette - 15th October 1830

Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1840
Owner: Rev. Richard Arnold
Occupier: Edward Hill

No. 220

Mill & Yard


0a. 1r. 19p.

Part of £53. 4. 0

It appears that Robert Harvey and Edward Hill were involved in the running of several mills including Alburgh_postmill, Wortwell Mil Hill postmill, Wortwell postmill and Wortwell watermill.

Hill v. Saunders. - This was an action brought by Mr. Edward Hill, an extensive miller residing in Dickleburgh, against the defendent, a baker who is living in the same parish. The parties it was stated had had considerable transactions for several years and there being an unsettled account between them, the defendent was requested to give a note of hand for the balance which might be found to be due. He accordingly gave a blank note of hand to the plaintiff in which was afterwards inserted the sum of 384l. 12s. 2d. as the amount due from the defendant to the plaintiff. This sum the defendant distrusted, considering it was much more than he owed, and representing by his Counsel that on the balance of accounts there was actually a sum of thirty odd pounds due to him from the plaintiff.
Mr. Kelly having briefly stated the case, the same was referred by the consent of parties to Mr. James Smith Rump, or Norwich, and a verdict for 384l. 12s. 2d. taken for the plaintiff, subject to such reference.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th April 1840

Notice re Bankruptcy of Edward Hill, of Wortwell in the county of Norfolk, Miller and Farmer, Dealer & Chapman.
To surrender Friday 15 January 1841 at the Kings Head Inn, Beccles
Norfolk Chronicle - 19th December 1840

To Millers
WORTWELL Windmill to be Let or Sold with Immediate Possession.
The above mill has one pair of Patent and one pair of Common Sails, drives two pairs of capital French Stones, has large Round House and is in very excellent repair.
Wortwell is midway from the market towns of Harleston and Bungay.
Apply to Mr. George Woodrow, Agent, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 17th February 1844

To Millers
To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Woodrow. Positively without the least Reserve.
On Thursday February 29, 1844 at 4 o'c at the Kings Head Inn, Bungay.
All that capital Windmill with large Round House, one pair Patent sails, one pair of other sails , drives two pairs of excellent French Stones with all machinery etc. therein, situate in the parish of Wortwell.
The Mill will be Sold to be removed by 5th July 1844.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th February 1844

It would appear that the mill was not removed after the auction in 1844.

c.1820: Mill built

1822: Edward Hill, miller

September 1825: Edward Hill & Robert Harvey, bankrupt

February 1826: Edward Hill's business milling effects advertised for sale by auction

June 1827: Mill advertised for sale by auction and then to be removed

1830: Edward Hill, miller

O.S. map 1837: Windmill

1839: Edward Hill, miller

Tithe Award 1840: Owner: Rev. Richard Arnold; Occupier: Edward Hill

1840: Edward Hill, miller, bankrupt

17th February 1844: Mill advertised for sale or let

24th February 1844: MIll advertised for sale by auction and then to be removed by 5th July 1844

1850: William Tippell, miller

1853: Christopher Betts Johnson, miller & farmer

1858: Christopher Betts Johnson, miller & farmer

1863: Richard Doggett, miller & farmer

White's 1864: Richard Doggett, farmer & miller, Mill Farm

1875: Samuel Goulder, miller

Kelly's 1879: Harry Goulder, farmer & miller, Wortwell hall

White's 1883: Philip Goulder, miller and farmer, Hall farm

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