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Norfolk Windmills

A post mill was marked on a map of land owned by the Dean and Chapter of Norwich and Normans surveyed by William Cooke in 1718. The land the mill stood on was marked as owned by Normans. This may be the site of the Pockthorpe postmill or it may be a predecessor to the smockmill.

Pockthorpe smock mill was built in 1769 and was for sale in July of that year.

In later years, the mill was sometimes known as Jeckell's Mill.

To be Sold by Auction
At the sign of the Rose in St. Michael at the Pleas in Norwich on Saturday 29th July inst. between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon.

ALL that large new built WINDMILL called Pockthorpe TOWER MILL, now standing upon a Piece of Land containing by Estimation one Acre, lying between Pockthorpe Gates and Magdalen Gates, belonging to the said City of Norwich, with two pair of French Stones and all the other going and running Geers.
N.B. The said Mill has a rowl and screen and was built with the Conveniences to be converted into a Flower mill.
There is now a Lease of the said Acre of Land for the Term of 20 Years from Michaelmas last to be assigned over to the Purchaser.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Palmer and Mr. Garrett, Bakers or Messrs. Morphew and Pye, Attornies, Norwich.

Norwich Mercury - 15th July 1769

William Good was the miller when one of his horses was attacked in September 1769

Whereas some evil disposed Person or Persons did on Saturday the 16th instant in the night or early next morning wound in a Barbarous Manner in many Places a Horse belonging to William Good, Miller in the Parish of St. Augustines, which Horse was pastured upon Mousehold Heath,
information - One Guinea Reward -
William Good.
The above William Good returns Thanks to his Customers for past Favours and humbly begs the Continuance of the same.

Norwich Mercury - 23rd September 1769

Willm. Good of ye City of Norwich, Miller. £350 on a Windmill. The Windmill above mentioned being afsigned to John Buck of the City of Norwich, Miller on the back of this Policy is hereby allowed. Afsignmt. N. 53306
Royal Exchange Fire Insurance - 23rd October 1773

The mill was for sale ten years later in 1779, William Good having run into financial trouble.

To be SOLD, and entered upon immediately a complete and capital WIND MILL, situated near Magdalen Gates.
For further particulars enquire of James Rumbelow, at Ingworth_Mills, near Aylsham, or William Stangroom, in St. Martins Lane, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd January 1779

Any Person that stands indebted to WILLIAM GOOD, Miller, Norwich, are requested to pay the same to William Stangroome, in St. Martins Lane, Norwich, or to James Rumbelow, at Ingworth_Mills, and any Person having any Claim on the said William Good, are desired to send in their Accounts as above.
A capital WIND-MILL to be disposed of.

Norfolk Chronicle - 6th February 1779

It would apopear that John Buck bought the mill, mortgaged it and took out a new Fire policy.

16th April 1779. Assignment. £350 on a Windmill William Good assigned to John Buck. The Windmill above mentioned being assigned to Peter Blomefield of the City of Norwich, Baker, on the back of this policy is hereby allowed.
Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy No. 53306.

John Buck was listed in Chase's Directory of 1783 as a miller in Cowgate Street. In 1789 he insured the contents of the mill.

19th January 1789. John Buck of the City of Norwich, Miller. On Utensils and Trade in a Windmill situate in the hamlet of Pockthorpe near Norwich aforesaid £100.
Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy No. 110147.

On Sunday last, Thomas Marks, Esq. took an inquisition on the body of John Valentine Cubitt, aged seven years, who was accidentally killed by falling into the hopper of a flour-mill, at Pockthorpe, in which he suffocated.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th August 1789

The mill was marked on Faden's 1797 map.

Malicious rumours were circulated about John Buck in 1800.

Norwich, FEB.13, 1800.
WHEREAS some evil minded persons have raise a false and malicious report, that we, the undersigned Millers, have been guilty of adulterating the Wheat Meal which we sell, by mixing Barley with it, and that we have been convicted of the same before the Mayor, and paid the penalty imposed by Act of Parliament for such practices, -- Now, such report being totally untrue and unfounded, and tending to injure us in our trade, and even to endanger our lives, we hereby offer a reward of TEN GUINEAS, to any person or persons who shall give us such information of the authors or circulators of such reports, as may enable us, in a Court of Law to convict them of the same. As witness our hands

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th February 1800

After John Buck left to go to the St. Stephen's Gates postmill, Thomas Jeckell became the next miller.
The mill was up for auction after his death in 1803.

by WM. BURT,
On Wednesday, Nov.23, 1803, At the King's Head Inn, Magdalen Street,
Norwich, precisely at four o'clock.

All that Capital SMOCK WIND-MILL, (which turns herself into the wind) situated without Magdalen Gates, and now in full trade, late the property of Mr. THOMAS JECKELL, deceased; comprising a pair of French Stones, 5ft. 3inc. diameter, one pair of do. 4ft. 8inc. good flour mill and cylinder, with all the going gears in complete repair. - Also a granary, 47ft. long and 19ft. wide, able to contain 50 lasts of wheat, with a neat cottage at one end; likewise a summerhouse, stable, cart shed, piggery, and garden, containing upwards of one acre of Land.
Possession may be had immediately after the Auction.
All persons indebted to the Estate of the late Mr. Thomas Jeckell, Miller, are desired to pay the same immediately to Mr. Samuel Sudbury, or to Mr. Robt. Bowen, his Executors.

Norfolk Chronicle - 12th September 1803

The above advert is the first mention in the Norfolk Chronicle of a mill being equipped with a fantail.

Jeremiah James Colman bought the mill in 1803 and sometime during the next ten years it was demolished and replaced by Pockthorpe towermill.

Jeremiah Colman
Born 16 July 1777
Baptised 6 August 1777 at Ashwellthorpe
Son of ROBERT COLMAN (1749-1807) and Mary (née Harmer)
Learned business of miller at BAWBURGH_watermill (then corn, later paper mill) starting there in 1802.

In March 1804 purchased smock mill on eastern side of Magdalen Road, Pockthorpe, Norwich, near Silver Road.
Moved from Bawburgh to Norwich in July 1804.
Windmill "late JECKELL'S"
Peck, Norwich Directory 1802, Thomas Jeckell, corn merchant, 127 Magdalen Street, Norwich.
In 1814 took lease of watermill at STOKE HOLY CROSS.
In mid 18th Cent. a Mr. Denny (died 1767) was making paper there.
He was succeeeded by a Mr. Ames who manufactured mustard.
JEREMIAH COLMAN decided to combine corn and mustard rather than revert to paper.
Married c.1794. Wife ANNE
Had no children. Died 1851 aged 74
Brother Robert had eleven sons

(1861 - 1946)
Harry Apling - c.1982

1773: William Good, owner & miller; mill assigned to John Buck, miller

23rd October 1773: Mill insured by Royal Exchange Fire Insurance for £350

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