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Loddon Mill Road post windmill stood immediately south of the junction of Mill Road and Pye's Mill Road, to the south of the River Chet. The mill was known by many as Pye's Mill, although no records have been found relating to anyone of that name owning or working the mill. Later a towermill was built just to the southwest. The mill buck was set on a tarred brick roundhouse and was turned to wind via an eight bladed fantail attached to the bottom of the ladder. The mill began life with common sails but in later days the two pairs of French burr stones were powered by four double shuttered sails with 6 bays of 3 shutters and a single bay of 2 shutters at the inner and outer extremities of each sail. In 1814 the mill was reported as having a joggering skreen.

To be SOLD
A Very good WATER-MILL, WIND-MILL, DWELLING-HOUSE & about nine Acres of Land at Loddon in Norfolk. The situation of the above Watermill is so well known, that it is needless to point it out to the Public.
For Particulars apply to Messrs. FOSTER, SON & UNTHANK, Attornies in Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd May 1784

By Richard BACON
On Monday 19 July Instant at 3 o'c in the Afternoon at the Rampant Horse in St. Stephens.
A Very good WATERMILL, Windmill, Dwelling-house & about nine Acres of Land in Loddon in Norfolk.
For Particulars apply to Messrs. FOSTER, SON & UNTHANK, Attornies in Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd, 10th, & 17th July 1784

Notice to Creditors & Debtors of
Estate of Mr. Wm Gower late of Loddon, Miller, deceased, accounts to Mrs. Ann Gower, Widow, & Administratrix.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd June 1797

On Tuesday 20 October at the Swan in Loddon, Norfolk, between the hours of 4 & 5 in the afternoon, unless sooner disposed of by private contract.
All that PIECE of Freehold LAND containing by estimation thirty perches or thereabouts& an exceeding good POST WINDMILL thereon standing, with the bolting & flour machinery, wheels, going geers & appurtenances to the same belonging, in Loddon aforesaid, now in the occupation of Thomas Napp the younger.
Apply to Mr. Timothy Colman of Hardley, near Loddon or to Mr. Wm. Cole, Solr. Loddon.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd, 10th & 17th October 1807

in Loddon, Kirby Cane, Little Plumpstead, Hetherset And Adjoin Towns in Norfolk
Chiefley let to most respectable tenants from year to year, or on leases nearly expired
To be SOLD BY AUCTION BY BAILEY BIRD At the Kings Head in the Market Place on Saurday the 26th day of November 1808 precisely at Three o'clock in the Afternoon in the undermentioned Lots by order of the Assignees OF THOMAS ALLDAY KERRISON a Bankrupt
Lot 8
A Dwelling House, and substantial Water_Mill and wind mill, in the best repair in Loddon, and nearly 10 acres of good arable and meadow land, in the occupation of Mr William Burton.
Auction of Property of Thomas Allday Kerrison, Bankrupt - November 1808


To be Sold by Auction By J. Sharpe & Son At the Star Inn, Norwich On Saturday April 16, 1814 at 4 o'c
A Substantial & well constructed WINDMILL with two pair of French stones & going gears, now in full trade, now in the occupation of Mr. Hayes of Loddon who is changing his situation.
Possession may be had immediately.
Particulars in future papers.
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd & 9th April 1814

To be Sold by Auction By J. Sharpe & Son This Day, April 16, 1814 At the Star Inn, Haymarket, Norwich On Saturday at 4 o'c
A Capital POST WINDMILL, Round House, two pair of French stones lately put down at a very heavy expence, capital Flour Mill, joggering skreen, beams, scales, weights, bills, bill hooks, implements etc. of Mr. Hayes of Loddon, who is changing his situation. The Land the Mill stands on is Freehold. Outgoings not more than one pound per annum.
They are in capital repair & stand well for trade being situated within one mile of water carriage to Yarmouth & Norwich, a good distance from Bungay & Beccles & the principal corn markets in the county. Possession may be had any day next week by the purchaser.
Norfolk Chronicle - 16th April 1814

Mill and Mill House - c.1925
Mill and Mill House - c.1925

To be Sold by Auction By J. Culley on Wednesday October 9, 18165 at 6 o'c At the sign of the Fox & Hounds in Loddon, Norfolk.
All that capital POST WINDMILL with an excellent roundhouse sufficient to contain 4 or 5 score of corn, two pair of capital stones, flour mill & all the going gear.
The above Mill is in excellent repair & situated at Loddon aforesaid which is a good corn country and within two miles of the navigable river from Norwich to Yarmouth. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mr. Robert Wolterton, Loddon or the Auctioneer, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th October 1816

Faden's map 1797
Faden's map 1797

Bryant's map 1826
Bryant's map 1826

Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1841
Map by W. G. Jones
Owner: William Riches, Senior
Occupier: John Riches

No. 610

Mill Field


0a. 3r. 26p.

Pt. 2/2d to Vicar
4/2 to Imprs.

George Durrant & Sons are instructed by the Executors of the late Mr. William Riches to Sell by Auction at the Royal Hotel, Norwich on Saturday June 26, 1886 at 12 for 1 o'c the following desirable PROPERTY IN LODDON
Lot 1. The DWELLING HOUSE, WINDMILL, Buildings & LAND containing 1a. 0r. 19p. in the occupation of Mr. George Wigg.
Particulars of Messrs. Copeman & Cadge, Solrs. Loddon & of the Auctioneers, Redenhall Grange, Harleston & Beccles.
Norfolk Chronicle - 19th June 1886

One mill (post mill) in meadow to north, other on mound to west of house. Refer to Mr. Goreham, Clerk to Council.
Mrs. Harvey, East Hill, Mill Road - 15th July 1971 (letter to Harry Apling)

O. S. Map 1884
O. S. Map 1884
Loddon watermill lower centre left' Pye's Mill Watering ford top right
Courtesy of NLS map images

O. S. Map 1884

O. S. Map 1884
Pye's postmill to the northeast and towermill to the southwest

Courtesy of NLS map images

O. S. Map 1906
O. S. Map 1906
Loddon watermill lower centre left
Courtesy of NLS map images

O.S. Map 2005
O.S. Map 2005
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

Tom Riches of Banham wrote to Philip Unwin on 21st January 1973 to say that a pair of stones were worked on a hurst frame in the roundhouse and the mill was known as Sadd's mill.

The ford through the River Chet to the north of the mill is known as Pye's Mill Watering. Some have thought this to be the site of Pye's Mill but I believe that it is merely named after the mill.
Jonathan Neville

Doing some research into my family history I am now aware that Mr and Mrs Armsby moved to Pye's Mill House from their cottage in Chedrave probably in 1909. This would fit with the previous occupant of Mill House that you list as being there up to 1908. Leonard Armsby (b. 1842, d. 1923/4) in 1873 married Elizabeth Pitchers (b. 1850, d. ?) who was always called Aunt Minnie. My own great grandfather's wife was the sister of Elizabeth Pitchers. Leonard Armsby was a well sinker, wheelwright and carpenter who was still working when aged 80. Although he worked for himself or with various relatives, he also worked at Langley Hall. Other relatives lived in the Lodge Gates to Langley Hall that are on the main Norwich Road (undergoing restoration 2016).
The 1911 Census has the Armsbys living at Mill House with two boys aged 19 and 6. However, the Armsbys, having no children of their own and because of overcrowding in my grandfather's house in Chedgrave, my uncle then a small boy went to live with them, his other siblings all being girls. The Armsby's also looked after another older boy who they had taken in when a baby and who left them in 1913 to emigrate to Australia. My uncle remembered Mr Armsby taking the boys luggage in a two-wheeled hand-barrow to the bus stop in Loddon and later the boy visiting them at Mill House while on leave when serving in the Australian Army during the First World War. The Armsbys moved from Mill House back to Chedgrave in about 1921. My mother, and sister of the small boy, talked of regular visits to the Armsbys and her brother while they were living at Pye's Mill, and recalled that people residing in the local workhouse would stop at Pye's Mill during their Sunday walk to be given hot water with which to make tea.

Neil Cooke

White's 1836: William Riches, farmer

White's 1845: William Riches, farmer
White's 1845: F. Wigg, farmer
White's 1845: Samuel Wright, millwright

White's 1854: John Riches, farmer
White's 1854: William Riches, farmer
White's 1854: Samuel Wright, millwright

Index of Wills 1584: Robert Poole: miller

Index of Wills 1706: Henry Hunt, miller

May 1784: Mill advertised for sale along with

July 1784: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1797: William Gower, miller, died

Poll Book 1802: Thomas Knapp jnr., miller

Poll Book 1807: Thomas Napp jnr., miller

October 1807: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1808: Mill owner, Thomas Allday Kerrison, bankrupt

1808: William Burton, miller

November 1808: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with

1814: ? Hayes, miller

April 1814: Mill advertised for sale by auction

October 1816: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Bryant's map 1826: Lower Mills (mill to east of towermill)

White's 1836: John Riches, corn miller

White's 1845: John Riches, corn miller

1850: John Riches, miller

1853: John William Hilling, miller

White's 1854: John William Hilling, corn miller

1856: John William Hilling, miller

1858: George Wigg, miller

White's 1864: George Wigg, corn miller

Kelly's 1879: George Wigg, miller

White's 1883: George Wigg, miller

O.S. map 1884: Corn Windmill

1886: George Wigg, tenant miller

June 1886: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1888: Woods, Sadd, Moore & Co: millers

Kelly's 1892:
Woods, Sadd, Moore & Co. Limited, agricultural seed merchnts, (seeds specially machine cleaned, wood staplers, maltsters & millers (steam, wind and water), cake merchants; agents for Anglo-Continental manures; & at Lowestoft - also at Loddon_watermill

Kelly's 1896:
Woods, Sadd, Moore & Co. Limited, agricultural seed merchants, (seeds specially machine cleaned, wood staplers, maltsters & millers (steam, wind and water), cake merchants; agents for Anglo-Continental manures; & at Lowestoft & Yarmouth - also at Loddon_watermill

Kelly's 1904: Robert Self, householder, Mill house

Kelly's 1908: Robert Self, commercial traveller, Mill house

c.1909: Mr. & Mrs. Armsby moved to Pye's Mill house from nearby Chedgrave

O.S. map 1910: Windmill

Census 1911: Mr. & Mrs. Armsby living with and looking after one boy aged 9 and one aged 16

c.1921: Mr. & Mrs. Armsby moved back to Chedgrave

O.S. Land Utilisation Survey 1931: Windmill

O.S. map 1946: Pye's Mill

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