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Chedgrave postmill was working in the 1300s and possibly the same mill was still there in the 1500s but there appears to be no record after that time.

In the 4th year of Edward III it was found that Robert Baynard ... that the capital messuage here ... after repairs worth nothing. There were 120 acres of arable land, valued at 60s per ann., 4 acres of meadow at 4s, a watermill at 6s 8d and a windmill at 10s, rents of assise 4s ...
Blomefield's History of Norfolk, Vol X, Hundred of Loddon

INDENTURE LEASE for 21 years
1. Richard Barney of Langley, Esquire
2. John Ives the younger of the same, miller
Windmill, 2 millstones, saleclothes, cottages and land in Chedgrave.

Norfolk Record Office - 10 June 18 Eliz. 1576

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