Norwich Windmillers


Norwich Windmillers
Henry Allen Heigham, Stone Hills 1820-2
Henry Allen Mill Hill 1830-42
John Andrews Magdalen Road 1857-63
John Andrews Pockthorpe tower 1863-5
John Andrews Catton #2 1868
Edward Austin Sprowston, Austin’s 1856-64
George Bagshaw Pockthorpe tower 1859-83d
Robert George Bagshaw Pockthorpe tower 1880
William Bain Lakenham, Buck’s 1839
Timothy Baker Mile Cross, Bond’s 1854-6
Edward Batson Mile Cross post 1822-66
Potter Batson Mile Cross post 1868-72
Arthur Bayfield Pockthorpe tower 1820-42
Arthur Bayfield Heigham, Crook’s Place 1830-4
Matthew Bean Lakenham, Buck’s 1839
Charles Bensley Mile Cross, Bond’s 1839-45
Bailey Bird New Catton, Bird’s 1841-60d
Miles Blomfield Heigham, Crook’s Place 1850-67
Daniel Bloom Trowse 1784-1815
Henry Bond Sprowston, Bond’s 1842-55
Henry Bond Mile Cross, Bond’s 1856-60d
Harry Bond Mile Cross, Bond’s 1860-88
Hannah Bond Mile Cross, Bond’s 1888-90
Thomas Bond Sprowston, Bond’s 1830-8
William George Bond Mile Cross, Bond’s 1860-71
William George Bond Catton #2 1871-86
George Boult Heigham, Bark 1852d
Henry Benjamin Brock Sprowston, Austin’s 1888-96
James Brown New Catton, Eglington’s 1853
John Buck Sr Pockthorpe smock 1779-1800
John Buck Sr Lakenham, St. Stephen’s Gates 1801-16d
John Buck Jr Keswick e1792
John Buck Jr Lakenham, St. Stephen’s Gates 1806
John Buck Jr Lakenham, Buck’s 1816-35
Daniel Buckingham Lakenham, Buck’s 1848
James Buckingham Lakenham, Buck’s 1842
John Bunn Mill Hill 1847
Utting Burgess Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1832-4
William Burt Keswick 1806-12
Richard Bush Magdalen Road 1814b
Thomas Bush Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1834-8
Robert Calver Catton #2 1826b-30
Robert Calver Sprowston, Austin’s 1850-5
Thomas Calver Catton #2 1826
Peter Canham Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1842-52
John Cann New Catton, Cann’s 1851-68
Samuel Cann New Catton, Cann’s 1859
Watling Cann New Catton, Cann’s 1850-51
Peter Cannell Thorpe, Mousehold Black #2 1849-65
James Capon Catton #2 1839-44
James Capon Mile Cross, Bond’s 1845-8
Thomas Carlton Sprowston post 1817-24
Mary Ann De Caux Thorpe, Mousehold 1847-51
Peter De Caux Thorpe, Mousehold 1834
William De Caux Lakenham, St. Stephen’s Gates 1830-45
Charles Clare Lakenham, Peafield 1833-5
Charles Clare Bixley smock 1835-38
Charles Clare Bixley tower 1838-65
Colman Thorpe, Gallant´s 1837
Jeremiah James Colman Pockthorpe smock 1804-
Pockthorpe tower -1815
Robert Crane Bixley smock 1806-35
Davy Lakenham, Buck’s 1836
James Daynes Catton #2 1800-
William Daynes Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1783
James Deynes Catton #1 1786
Robert Drake Heigham, Stone Hills 1795d
John Dring Heigham, Stone Hills 1804-20d
Thomas Dyball Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1813-6
James Dye Heigham, Crook’s Place 1850
Elijah Eglington New Catton, Eglington´s 1863-72
James Faulke Lakenham, Peafield 1842-5
Barnabas Feltham Jr. Lakenham, Peafield 1858-88
Jonathan Feltham Lakenham, Peafield 1850
Mark Feltham Lakenham, Peafield 1850-6
Robert W. Fiddy Lakenham, Peafield 1888-1905
Samuel Field Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1839-40
William Foulger Bixley smock 1805-6
Anthony Freestone Heigham, Crook’s Place 1839-42
John Gage Magdalen Road 1857
Clement Rolling Gallant Thorpe, Gallant´s 1863b-84
George Gallant Thorpe, Gallant´s 1856
Henry Glasspoole Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1861-71
William Good Pockthorpe smock 1769-79b
William Goodwin St. Augustine´s Gates 1832d
John Gotts Costessey, Stone Hills 1852-8, 1889
John Gotts New Catton, Eglington’s 1858-72
William Green Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1896
Hall Sprowston 1842
Martin Hall Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1892
John Custance Hammond Pockthorpe tower 1851-4
John Custance Hammond Magdalen Road 1854
John Custance Hammond Catton #2 1841
John Custance Hammond Catton #2 1856-71
Horace George Harrison Sprowston post 1920-8
William Albert Harrison Sprowston post 1884-1928
Charles John Harvey Heigham, Crook’s Place 1845-8
John Hawks Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1813d
Mark Hayton Lakenham, St. Stephen’s Gates 1785
John Hill Mile Cross, Bond’s 1836
Daniel Howard Magdalen Road 1863
Jeremiah Howard Drayton 1851-87d
Thomas Jeckell Pockthorpe smock 1803d
Samuel Jennings Thorpe, Jennings 1856-83
William Johnson Catton #2 1805d
Robert Kidall Catton #2 1836
James King Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1826
William King Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1815-1816b
William King Thorpe, Gallant´s 1834-41
William King Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1815-6b
Edward Leeds Pockthorpe tower 1842-45
Robert Leeds Pockthorpe tower 1842-46
James Lincoln Catton #2 1811-23b
Walter Livingstone Carrow Hill 1783
Benjamin Manhood Magdalen Road post 1779
Edmond Martin Costessey, Stone Hills 1814-52
Robert Mears Sprowston, Austin’s 1872
William Mileham Pockthorpe tower 1881
Murray Heigham, Stone Hills 1795
Edward Nethercoat Keswick 1772d
Jonathan Nethercoat Catton #2 1789d
James Parkerson Jr. Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1778
John Carter Parkerson Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1801
James Parkinson Keswick 1791-2d
Jeremiah Partridge Keswick 1786
John Peck Heigham, Crook’s Place 1835
Robert Press Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1823-9
William Primrose Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1821
Frederick Butcher Randall Drayton 1851
Robert Ransome Thorpe, Mousehold 1854
Thomas Matthew Read Lakenham, Bracondale 1876-87
Thomas William Read Lakenham, Bracondale 1838-76d
Edward Reynolds Pockthorpe tower 1849b-51
Joshua Reynolds Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1839-62
Robertson St. Augustine´s Gates 1775
George Rockhill Robertson Sprowston post 1842-58
Robert Robertson Sprowston post 1824-42d
Robert W. Robertson Sprowston post 1858-84
Burges Robinson. Catton #1 1768
Joseph Robinson Upper Hellesdon, St. Clement´s #1 1777-86
Philip Rose Mile Cross post 1876-1900
James Royall Magdalen Road post 1830-6
James Rumball / Rumbolt Costessey, Stone Hills 1861
James Rumball / Rumbolt New Catton, Bird’s 1881
John Rump Costessey, Stone Hills 1858-65
William Rump Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1836-9
William Rump Sprowston, Austin’s 1864-8
William Russell Heigham, Stone Hills 1850-4
Sayer Trowse 1771
Sayer Lakenham, Buck’s 1771
Smith Lakenham, Peafield 1888
M. Smith Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1840-1d
William Smith Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 by 1826b
William Smith Lakenham, Buck’s 1850
William Smith New Catton, Eglington’s 1872
Edward Sparkes Pockthorpe tower 1852-4
Thomas Spratt Lakenham, Peafield 1824-33
Benjamin Springall Catton #2 1847-68
Robert Stammers Magdalen Road post 1842
Robert Stegall Thorpe, Mousehold Black #2 1845
William Toll Keswick 1806-12
John Tuttle Lakenham, Buck’s by 1864d
James Vassar New Catton, Eglington’s 1841-51
Alfred Walker Sprowston, Bond’s 1875-87
Richard Weeds Thorpe, Mousehold Black #1 1830
John Robert Wells Heigham, Crook’s Place 1879-88
Frederick Rising Wells Heigham, Crook’s Place 1879-88
Katharine Hicks Wells Heigham, Crook’s Place 1879-88
William Harrison Wells Heigham, Crook’s Place 1868-70b
Ephraim Witard Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1868-75
Ephraim Witard Upper Hellesdon 1875-1913
William Witard Upper Hellesdon, St. Clements #2 1865
Charles Edward Woodrow Lakenham, Peafield 1905-14
(William?) Woolnough Lakenham, Buck’s 1836
William Woolnough Thorpe, Mousehold Black #2 1842
William Woolnough Thorpe, Plumstead Rd 1852

b = bankrupt
d = died
e = employee

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Unallocated Norwich millers

Index of Wills    
John Fayercliffe Trowse 1573
.William Wright   1667
John Harvey   1675
Christopher Sheringham   1696
Jonas Cunningham   1759
Poll Books    
Mark Hayton St. Peter, Maddermarket 1784
Thomas Boulter   1802
Barnabas Lemon   1802
John Wagstaffe  


Bankrupts etc.    
John Harris St. Stephens 1743
William Watts Horsham St. Faiths 1821
Henry James Packard   1829
William Burgess   1831
Edward Cook   1855
John Norton   1855

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Prisoner in Gaol for County of Norwich. John Harris, late of St. Stephens, Miller. (Debtor)
London Gazette - 26th-30th April 1743

William Watts, formerly of Horsham St. Faiths, in the County of Norfolk, Farmer and Miller, and late of the City of Norwich, Miller, Bankrupt.
London Gazette - 19th June 1821

Notice re
Henry James PACKARD, Norwich, Miller

Norfolk Chronicle - 17th October 1829

William Burgess, formerly of Week Street, Maidstone, Kent, Miller and Maltster, afterwards of the City of Norwich, Norfolk, Miller, then a patient in Saint Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, Surrey, and late of Bethnal Green, Middlesex, Baker and Flour Factor. Insolvent Debtor.
London Gazette - 7th June 1831

Notice is hereby given that the Partnership between Edward Cook and John Norton, of the hamlet of Hellesdon, Co. and City of Norwich, as Millers, trading under the firm of Cook & Company, was dissolved 16 June last.
London Gazette - 2nd November 1855

Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy filed 18 August 1856 against Edward Cook, of the hamlet of Hellesdon, in the Co. and City of Norwich, Miller. To be heard 5 September at the Court of Bankruptcy, Basinghall Street, London.
London Gazette - 22nd August 1856

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