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August 1950
August 1950

Ashtree Farm mill was built in Nowhere by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1912 on the site of an earlier mill. The 3 storey black tarred, red brick tower had a base diameter of 14 feet. The boat shaped cap held a fantail and a tailpole. There were two opposite doors at the base and two windows on the first floor. The tower was 26 foot hight to the curb and 34 feet high to the top of the cap. A 15 foot scoop wheel was set against the side of the tower.

July 1987
July 1987

Ashtree Farm mill was built in an area known as Nowhere, a name that was officially given to the part of the Bure Loop just west of Yarmouth in 1862 when the area was annexed to the parish oif Acle in the Assessment Act of that year.

9th December 2006
9th December 2006

9th December 2006
9th December 2006

In September 2006 a new cap and sails were fitted by local millwright Richard Seago of South Walsham as part of a two year restoration programme. The mill was then opened to the public by prior arrangement with either the Norfolk Windmills Trust or the owner, Tom Banham. The above photos show the hoodway still under construction.

1912: Mill rebuilt for the Ecclesiastical Commissioners by millwrights, Smithdales of Acle

January 1953: Mill damaged in gales and ceased working

14th July 1987:
No sails or cap. Y wheel, windshaft without canister, brakewheel and internal machinery still in situ.

1987: Ongoing negotiations for mill to be taken over by the Norfolk Windmills Trust

September 2006: Refurbished 4½ tonne cap and skeleton sails fitted

2006: Tom Banham, owner; mill leased to the Norfolk Windmills Trust

April 2008: Restoration completed

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