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Sporle Love Lane towermill, also known as Home Mills, was built to replace an earlierpostmill on the same site. The 5 storey mill used 4 patent sails to power 2 pairs of stones and an oat crusher. The outer pair of sails had 8 bays of 3 shutters as did the inner pair, which had an additional bay of 2 shutters. The Norfolk boat shaped cap had a petticoat.

Tithe Award 1841
Owner: William Trundle
Occupier: do

No. 165

Tower Windmill, Premises, Cottage & Land


1a. 1r. 27p.

1s. 9d.

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. George W. Salter at the Three Tuns Inn, Necton on Thursday 16 June at 3 o'c
By order of the Mortgagees and under their powers of Sale
Lot 1.
A very substantial built brick TOWER WINDMILL with Patent Sails and driving two pair of Stones, capable of increased power.
A Cottage adjoining and about 2 acres of land situate at Sporle with Palgrave near Swaffham now in the occupation of Mr. William Trundle.
Lot 2.
Two Brick and Tiled Dwelling houses with a Shop and Bake Office at the back therof and a Barn, Stables, Garden and Orchard attached containing about 1 acre situate at Sporle and also in the occupation of the said William Trundle. The above two lots are Freehold.
Particulars of Mr. W. P. Pillans, Solr. Swaffham, Mr. Horrex, Solr. Grays Inn, London or the Auctioneer, Attleborough.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th January, 14th & 28th May & 11th June 1853

To be offered for peremptory sale by Auction by Mr. J. H. Greenacre at the Three Tuns Inn, Necton, Monday 1st September 1856 at 3 o'c
By Order of the Mortgagees and under their Powers of Sale.
Lot 1.
A very substantial and nearly new erected BRICK TOWER WNDMILL with patent sails driving two pair of stones: a cottage adjoining and about two acres of Land, situate at Sporle with Palgrave, near Swaffham, now in the possession of Mr. William Trundle. The mill is well situated on an eminence and capable of doing an extensive business.
Lot 2.
Two Brick and Tile Dwelling Houses with a shop and bake office. Barn, stables, garden and orchard containing about 1 acre situate Sporle and also in occupation of William Trundle.
All Freehold.
Apply to Andrew Marcon, Solr. Swaffham, Wm. Drake, Solr. East Dereham or the Auctioneer, East Dereham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 9th, 23rd & 30th August 1856

To Journeymen Millers
WANTED immediately, a steady active Man in the above business.
Good reference required.
Apply personally to J. C. Kerrison, Sporle Mill, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 1st December 1860

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a respectable Single Man.
Apply to J. C. Kerrison, Miller, Sporle.
Norfolk News - 9th September 1865

John Clarke Kerrison, deceased
Claims against the estate and effects of John Clarke Kerrison, late of Sporle with Palgrave in the county of Norfolk, Miller, deceased, to Mrs. Susannah Kerrison of Sporle, widow, sole executrix.
Debts due to her or her son Walter Henry Kerrison of Sporle.

17 March 1881 Thos. Palmer
Swaffham, Norfolk
Solr. to said Executrix
Lynn Advertiser - 19th & 26th March 1881

Are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the George Hotel, Swaffham early in June next, the highly valuable
situated in the above parish and comprising
All those two well placed ad substantially built TOWER WIND-MILLS, with convenient dwelling houses, granaries, stabling and other outbuildings attached, miller's cottage with large garden and pasturage adjoining, now in the occupation of Mr. W. H. Kerrison.
All those two substantially built DWELLING HOUSES with outbuildings, large yard, granaries and stabling now in the occupation of Mrs. Kerrison, Mr. Robert Smith, and Mr. W. H. Kerrison. And all that enclosure of excellent ARABLE LAND containing 2a. 1r. (more or less) adjoining Newton road now in the occupation of Mr. W. H. Kerrison.

  Vendors' Solicitor
Mr. A. J. Winter, Swaffham
Lynn Advertiser - 8th June 1895

On Wednesday October 9, all the valuable
Miller's Vans, Carts, Harness and Utensils in Trade
of Mr Walter H. Kerrison
Lynn Advertiser - 13th August 1895

Will sell by auction on Wednesday October 9, 1895
Horses ... and Miller's Carriages, Implements, Machines, Harness etc.
by Order of the Trustee of Mr. W. H. Kerrison
Lynn Advertiser - 21st September 1895

To Millers, Merchants & others
2 Miles from Swaffham and 3 from Dunham Stations.
Two Freehold Brick Tower Wind Mills driving six pairs of Stones and Oat Crusher, two Capital RESIDENCES, good Granary and Trade Accommodation Premises, two Enclosures of Arable and Pasture LAND, as occupied by Mr. Bird and his undertenants at Rents amounting to £70 per annum.
Possession will be given at Michaelmas next.
SALTER, SIMPSON & SONS are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the George Hotel, Swaffham On Monday July 11, 1898 At 5 pm. punctually, the above Valuable Freehold PROPERTY in Lots.
The Mill with RESIDENCES, Premises and Granary, known as the "Home Mill", are in excellent repair, a large trade has been carried on for many years and being situate in a good and thickly populated agricultural district, affords an unusual opportunity to those seeking such business or investment.
Further particulars of the Auctioneers, Attleborough and Bury St. Edmunds or of

  Mr. A. J. Winter,
Solr. Swaffham
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th June & 9th July & Lynn Advertiser - 3rd June & 8th July 1898

Two Miles from Swaffham and Three from Dunham Stations.
Freehold Milling and Mercantile PREMISES, with possession at Michaelmas next, as let to Mr. A. B. Bird (and his undertenants) at Rents annually amounting to £70, which
SALTER, SIMPSON & SONS are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the George Hotel, Swaffham On Monday July 11, 1898 At Five pm. punctually, in Three Lots, as follows:-
Lot 1.
A valuable Business PROPERTY known as "Home Mills", Sporle, comprising an excellent Brick Tower WIND MILL, driving two pairs of stones and oat crusher; capital Brick and Tiled Granary, Stabling, RESIDENCE, Garden Small Orchard and excellent piece of Pasture LAND, together with a Clay and Tiled COTTAGE with Garden, the whole containing and area of about Two Acres, as occupied by Mr. Bird and his under-tenants at the annual Rent of £50.
Lot 2.
A Well built Brick, Stone and Tiled DWELLING HOUSE, large Bake Office with ovens, Outbuildings, Garden and Well of Water, also a Brick_Tower_WIND_MILL driving two pairs of stones, Stables, Cart Lodges, Piggeries and Granary, in the occupation of Mr. Bird (with Lot 3) at the annual Rent of £20.
Lot 3.
An Enclosure of excellent Arable LAND, 2a. 0r. 25p. (more or less) situate abutting upon the Newton Road.
Possession of all lots may be had at Michaelmas next.
Particulars of the Auctioneers, Attleborough and Bury St. Edmunds or of Mr. A. J. Winter, Swaffham, Vendor's Solicitor.
Norfolk Chronicle 25th June & 2nd July & Lynn Advertiser - 24th June 1898

On Monday at the George Hotel, Swaffham, Messrs. SALTER, SIMPSON & SONS offered for sale by public auction valuable mercantile premises and land in the parish of Sporle, comprising two brick tower wind-mills, two capital residences, stables, granaries and numerous outbuildings and accommodation land in three lots. The biddings for the first two lots not realising the reserves, the same were withdrawn and lot 3 comprising an enclosure of arable land (2a. 0r. 25p.) was not offered.
Norfolk Chronicle - 16th July 1898

To Millers & Merchants
To be Let
At SPORLE near Swaffham and Dunham stations
1. Brick Tower Windmill with 5 floors and fitted for steam power and driving 4 pairs of stones and oat crusher, granaries, stables and all necessary outbuildings. Also comfortable Residence with garden, orchard and pasture land and small cottage adjoining.
A large mixed business has been carried on for many years and the property is in good repair.
2. A pleasant Dwelling House ... large Bake office with stables, cart lodges, garden, piggeries and 2 acres of Arable Land. Suitable for a dealer.
For further information apply to

  A. J. Winter,
Lynn Advertiser - 29th July 1898

To be Let
SPORLE MILL, NORFOLK, to Let or Sell; doing good grist trade.
For particulars apply
Messrs. Winter & Martin, Solicitors, Swaffham.
Dereham & Fakenham Times - 3rd, 10th & 17th July 1915

John Littleproud, son of Robert and Anne Littleproud was born at Cranworth in 1846 where his father was miller at Cranworth smockmill. John's brother Robert was miller at Shipdham Mill Rd postmill, John Littleproud was probably an employee at either this mill or Newton_Road_towermill. Kelly's of 1900, 1904, 1908 & 1912 listed a John Littleproud as beer retailer.

Kelly's 1908: William Smith, farmer

Kelly's 1912: William Smith, farmer

Kelly's 1916: William Smith, farmer

Tithe Award 1841: William Trundle, owner & occupier

White's 1845: William Trundle, corn miller

1852: William Trundle, miller

1853: William Trundle, miller

January - June 1853: Mill & bake house advertised for sale by auction

White's 1854: William Trundle, corn miller & baker

1856: William Trundle, miller

August 1856: Mill & bake office advertised for sale by auction

1858: John Clarke Kerrison, miller

1860: John Clarke Kerrison, miller

White's 1864: John Clarke Kerrison, corn miller, wind & steam mills

1865: John Clarke Kerrison, miller

Kelly's 1879: John Clarke Kerrison, miller

1881: John Clarke Kerrison died

Census 1881: John Littleproud, miller

White's 1883: Walter Henry Kerrison, miller & corn merchant

O.S. map 1887: windmill

White's 1890: Walter Henry Kerrison, miller & corn merchant

Kelly's 1892: Walter Henry Kerrison, miller (wind & steam)

1895: Walter Henry Kerrison, miller

June 1895: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with
Newton Road towermill

August 1895: Horse carriages, farm machinery and stock of Walter Kerrison advertised for sale by auction

Kelly's 1896: Walter Henry Kerrison, miller (wind & steam)

1898: A. B. Bird, miller

June 1898: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with Newton Road towermill

Monday 11th July 1898: Mills failed to reach reserve and were withdrawn from the auction

July 1898: Mill working with auxiliary steam power

July 1898: Mill & bake office advertised to be let

Kelly's 1900: F. & A. Bird, millers (wind & steam)

Kelly's 1908: John Joseph Smith, miller (wind)

Kelly's 1912: John Joseph Smith, miller (wind)

July 1915: Mill advertised for sale or let

O.S. map 1946: windmill

O.S. map 1955: windmill

1970: Graham Nelson, Mill House

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