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19th March 1939
19th March 1939

Silfield tower mill was built as a 5 storey tarred brick mill on the south side of Burnthouse Lane at the bottom of a short loke, very close to the older Silfield_postmill. The mill was quite small with the tower standing some 36 feet high. The sails powered two pairs of underdriven stones.

Empty shell except for a few beams
Height 36 feet

Ground floor:-
Inside diameter 17 ft.
Wall about 18 ins. thick
Door facing road (say north)
Window west
Ceiling height 7 ft.
Main beams east to west

Meal floor:-
Door north east
Windows North and south-west.
Small window south-east
Ceiling height 10 ft.
Main beams east to west. (Stones underdriven)

Stone floor:-
Windows south, west and north north east
Ceiling height 7 ft. 6 ins. (Stones underdriven)
Main beams north to south. (Not enough room for spur wheel and quants for overdriven stones)

Corn floor:-
Windows east and south-west
Main beams north to south

Dust floor:-
Small window north
Harry Apling - c.1982

... Henry Jermyns' mill in Silfield went out of action about thirty eight years ago ... (c.1911)
Wymondham Old & New, J. E. G. Mosby & P. E. Agar - 1949

ALAN EBBAGE & Partners, Market Place Wymondham
SILFIELD - 5 acres
Rare opportunity. Modernised, extended House in excellent garden, outbuildings including stables and garaging, old mill tower.
Eastern Daily Press - 4th June 1979

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been made to the Council for planning permission.
Convert derelict tower into residence.
The Windmill, Mill House, Silfield, Wymondham, being a Listed Building. (07/79/2041/CU)
Copies of the applications ...
Any representations ...
Dated this 11th day of July 1979
H. M. Haslam
Chief Planning Officer.
Eastern Daily Press - 11th July 1979

20th May 1981 1989
20th May 1981

Conversion for use by Mrs. Evans (senior)
Tower treated with black resin based protective - Bellecoat Stipple - as at Wicklewood.
Roofed with flat boards and tarred felt, with access from dust floor.
Porch to front door and extension built on to rear where a door replaces a window.
Spiral iron staircase - reproduction - to 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors.
Toilets installed.
Central heating by solid fuel stove on ground floor; separate anthracite stove on 1st floor. Chimney on south side.
Ground floor:- ceiling beam - not taking any weight - replaced turned on its side. To be treated.
Outside fire escape.
Harry Apling - 4th July 1981

O. S. Map 1905
O. S. Map 1905
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1890: Miss Constina Jermyn, Damgate street
White's 1890: Daniel Jermyn, accountant, Bridewell street
White's 1890: Mr. Vincent Jermyn, Chapel lane

Kelly's 1900: William Jermyn, farm bailiff to W. B. Fryer, esq. Hill farm, Spooner row

Kelly's 1904: William Jermyn, farm bailiff to W. B. Fryer, esq. Hill farm, Spooner row

Kelly's 1908: Henry William Jermyn, farmer, Silfield

c.1850: Mill built

1850: William Jermyn, miller

1853: William Jermyn, miller

White's 1854: William Jermyn, corn miller, Silfield

1858: William Jermyn, miller

1863: William Jermyn, miller

White's 1864: William Jermyn, corn miller & farmer, Silfield

1865: William Jermyn, miller

1868: William Jermyn, miller

1875: William Jermyn, miller

1875: Henry Banham, miller

1879: Henry Banham, miller

O.S. map 1881:
Windmill (Corn)

White's 1883: Henry William Jermyn, miller & farmer, Silfield

1888: Henry William Jermyn, miller

White's 1890: Henry William Jermyn, farmer, miller & corn merchant, Silfield

Kelly's 1892: Henry William Jermyn, farmer & miller (wind & steam), Silfield

Kelly's 1896: Henry William Jermyn, farmer & miller (wind & steam), Silfield

Kelly's 1900: Henry William Jermyn, farmer & miller (wind & steam), Silfield

Kelly's 1900: Henry William Jermyn, farmer & miller (wind & steam), Silfield

O.S. map 1905:

19th April 1906: Mill conveyed from William Jermyn to Walter Farrow

1906: Walter Farrow, miller - ex Wicklewood mill

Kelly's 1908: Walter Farrow, miller (wind & steam) Silfield

1911: Walter Farrow, miller

1911: Mill machinery dismantled - brakewheel and Peak bedstone taken to Wicklewood High St mill

Karl Wood painting 1937: Unroofed tower shell remaining

1939: Mill tower with steam shed and tower alongside

O.S. map 1946: Windmill

O.S. map 1956: Windmill

1970: Brigadier G. C. Gray, Mill House

June 1979: Mill complex advertised for sale for c.£57,000

1979: Neil Evans, owner, submitted successful planning application to convert mill to residential use

1980-81: MIll converted to residential use

October 1981: Mill conversion completed and Mrs. Evans snr. in occupation

2009: Black tarred tower in residential use

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