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Scole towermill was a four storey mill built of tarred red brick in 1799. The tower had two doors on opposite sides showing the the mill was built with common sails. However, four double shuttered patent sails had been fitted by 1864 and these powered 2 pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper. The Norfolk boat shaped cap held a 6 bladed fan.

Very desirable Farm of 66 acres (with possession at Michaelmas next) Brick Tower Windmill, substantial Cottages, Coachmakers and Wheelwrights Shops, productive Orchard Ground etc. at SCOLE, Norfolk. W. W. Elliott Respectfully announces he will Sell by Auction at the Greyhound, Scole, the latter part of September, in several Lots the above very valuable Estates late the property of Mr. JAMES CRACKNELL, deceased.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th, 18th & 25th September 1847
(18th & 25th September announced sale date as 14th October)

W. W. Elliott will Sell by Auction at the Greyhound Inn, Scole on Thursday 21 October 1847 at 4 o'c (Instead of the 14th October as previously advertised)
Lot 2. A superior Freehold brick tower Windmill with 4 floors, 2 pair of French Stones, Flour Mill and Jumper and Wind Tackle. A convenient newly erected brick and tiled Dwelling House with Stables and Cart Lodge and an Inclosure of productive Pasture Land adjoining 1a. 2r. 27p. most advantageously situate at Scole by the side of the turnpike road leading from Ipswich to Norwich, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Barber.
Particulars of Messr5s. French & Lawton, Solrs. Eye, Suffolk, Mr. William Cracknell, Redgrave and of Mr. W. W. Elliott, Auctioneer & Land Agent, Thelton near Scole.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th October 1847

Moore & Garrard will Sell by Auction at the Crown Inn, Diss on Friday August 26, 1864 at 5 o'c in the Afternoon
A most desirable BUSINESS PREMISE including a Brick built Spacious TOWER WIND-MILL with four Floors, two pars French Stones, Spring Sails, self adjusting wind Tackle, convenient Stones and Brick built DWELLING, detached Wash house, Granary, Cart lodge, Stable, Piggery and Buildings with productive Garden and Paddock, containing together 1a. 3r. 0p. situated in Scole near the High Road leading from Ipswich to Norwich, now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Barber.
The above Property which is Freehold and Land tax redeemed, is most eligibly situated for trade and will be sold with possession at Michaelmas next.
Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had of Messrs. Heffil & Salmon, Solicitors, Diss and of the Auctioneers, Hoxne and Brundish.

Norfolk News - 20th August 1864

Samuel Barber, born in 1811 was miller at Harlston_Jay's_Green_towermill in 1839, where his father William, had been miller before him. Samuel moved to Scole towermill from 1845-1864.
Samuel's son William Samuel Barber, b.1837 worked as a miller or journeyman miller at several mills
1861 at Eye, Suffolk;
1871 at Gissing_postmill;
1878-79 at Carlton_Rode_towermill;
1881-83 at Rockland St Andrew postmill;
1891-1904 at Hingham_Deopham_Rd_towermill and Hingham_watermill.

To be Let with Possession
A FIRST CLASS TOWER WINDMILL with new Stones, most eligibly situated at Scole, Norfolk (East) standing in an elevated position, commanding a large Flour Trade. Two miles distant from a Railway Station and nearly central between two Market Towns. The Residence is of Brick and very suitable and the Granary and Outbuildings convenient with a meadow attached.
The above may be purchased (if preferred)

Apply to Mrs. Bale, Kenninghall, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 27th October, 3rd November & 8th December 1866

Situations Vacant
WANTED immediately, a Married Man as Miller to work a Wind Mill.
Good reference required.
Apply to F. Simpson, Scole Mill. Enclose stamp.

Norfolk News - 18th April 1868

Situations Vacant
WANTED immediately, a Married Man as Miller to work a WINDMIILL.
Character indispensable.
Apply F. Simpson, Scole Mill.

Norfolk News - 7th August 1869

8th September 1937
8th September 1937

To be Let at Michaelmas next
A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK TOWER WINDMILL at Scole in Norfolk, with Four Patent Sails, driving Two Pairs of Stones, Flour Mill, Machine for Dressing and all necessary Appurtenances.
Also a substantial and convenient Brick and Stone Dwelling House with Back Premises, Granary, Stable, Cartshed and other suitable Offices together with about Two Acres of excellent MEADOW LAND.
Further particulars and conditions of sale on application to Mrs. E. Bale at North Lopham or two Messrs. Jay & Pilgrim, Solicitors, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 29th June 1872

Houses etc.
TO BE LET at Scole, a good and substantial Brick Tower WINDMILL. with 4 Patent Sails, driving 2 Pairs of French Burr Stones, Flour Mill etc; the whole in good working order. Possession may be had in April next.
Application to be made to Mrs. Bale or Mr. W. W. Rolfe, North Lopham.
Norfolk News - 31st January 1874

To be let 6th April next
A capital brick Tower Mill with 4 patent sails, driving two pairs of French burr stones, flour mill etc., the whole in good working order; also a good Dwelling House ... and about 2 acres of meadow land adjoining.
Apply to Mrs. E. Bale or to Mr. W. W. Rolfe, North Lopham or Thomas W. Salmon, Solr. Diss.
Diss Express - 27th March 1874

A CAPITAL BRICK TOWER MILL with four Patent Sails, driving two pairs French Burr Stones etc, the whole in good working order, also a good DWELLING HOUSE, containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Store room, Washhouse; Granary, Coalhouse and Wood house, Stable and Piggeries and about 2 Acres of MEADOW LAND adjoining.
Application to be made to Mrs. E. Bale or to Mr. W. W. Rolfe, North Lopham or to Mr. T. W. Salmon, Solicitor, Diss.
March 25, 1874.
Norfolk News - 18th April 1874

1st June 1971 20th April 1984
1st June 1971
20th April 1984

Edward Woodrow, who had moved from Billingford_towermill, took over the mill in 1875 before leaving to take over at Horsford_towermill in 1883. His son, Charles Edward Woodrow, became the owner and miller at Lakenham Peafield towermill.

On 28th May 1975, Mr. Rudge of the Mill House wrote to Harry Apling and provided structural details of the mill at that date.
The 30 foot red brick tower shell had been roofed with a skylight.
Three storeys had windows:
Ground floor - facing west
First floor - facing east and south
Second floor - facing east
The ground floor had two doors - one on the north side and one on the south side.
The walls were stepped and were 27 inches thick at the ground floor where the interior diameter was 20 feet.

The ground floor was being used for storage.

William Barber b.1779, my GGG Grandfather was miller at Jay's_Green_Tower_Mill between 1830s - 1851. His son Samuel Barber b.1811 was also at Jay's_Green in 1839, then in 1845 - 1864 he was Miller at Scole Tower Mill. His son William Samuel Barber b.1837 was Miller at the following: 1861 - Eye, 1871 - Gissing, 1881 - Rockland All Saints, 1891 - Hingham and between 1878 -1879 William appears to have been at Carlton_Rode_Tower_Mill. William was at Hingham until 1904, his Step-Son Robert John Watling was recorded as miller up to 1908.
Sarah Barber - 10th January 2008

1989 November 1998
November 1998

1799: Mill and mill house built

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

White's 1836: Frederick Gissing, corn miller

White's 1845: Samuel Barber, corn miller

c.1847: James Cracknell, proprietor, died

1847: Samuel Barber, miller

September 1847: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Hunt's 1850: Samuel Barber, miller

Census 1851: Samuel Barber (39) master miller
Elizabeth Barber (37) miller's wife
William Barber (13) miller's son
Frederick Barber (12) miller's son
Henry Barber (10) scholar
Elizabeth Barber (10) scholar
Alice Barber (5) scholar
Edward Barber (4) scholar
Ellen Barber (1)
Anna Barber (under 1 mnth)
Mary Valiouh (76) pauper (mother)

White's 1854: Samuel Barber, corn miller

Census 1861: Samuel Barber (49) miller
Elizabeth Barber (48) housekeeper
Edward Enoch Barber (14) farmer's boy
Ellen Catherine Barber (12) scholar
Anne Maria Barber (11) scholar
Edgar Jonas Barber (6) scholar
Emma Barber (5) scholar
Address: Norwich Road

White's 1864: Samuel Barber, miller

August 1864: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1865: William Button, miller

October 1866: Mill advertised to be let or sold

1868: Frederick Simpson, miller

1869: Frederick Simpson, miller

1872: Frederick Simpson, miller

June 1872: Mill advertised to be let

January 1874: Mill advertised to be let

1875: Edward Woodrow, miller

Kelly's 1879: Edward Woodrow, miller & baker

1926: Stump of tower remaining

Karl Wood painting 1936: Mill tower remaining

1937: Mill tower only and being used as a store

O.S. map 1974: Mill shown on map

1975: Mr. Rudge, Mill House, owner

1984: Stump of tower remaining

1989: Mill tower used for accommodation

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