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New Buckenham postmill stood on the Common to the northeast side of the village. In 1774 the mill ran two pairs of French burr stones but only one pair of 4ft 6in stones were listed in 1805. A horse boulting mill and a roller screen were also used on the premises.

In 1789 it was recorded that the mill was paying 15s per annum to the manor of Old Buckenham.

New Buckenham, June 2, 1768
All Persons who have any Demands on the Effects of John Pooley late of New Buckenham, Baker & Miller, are requested to send an account immediately to Margaret Pooley of the aforesaid Place, his Widow & Administratrix …
Also to be Lett & entered upon immediately, a good & convenient House with an old accustomed Baking Office, Starch Office etc. Windmill & some Acres of Land thereto belonging, late in the Occupation of the deceased. The Stock, Utensils etc. ‘tis expected, will be taken at a fair appraisement.
For further Particulars enquire at the said House or at Mr. Gibb’s of the said Place.

Norwich Mercury - 11th & 18th June 1768

New Buckenham
The Baking Office, Windmill etc. advertised before Michaelmas last not being let, Mr. Kitton continues the same till disposed of. Any Person inclined to hire the same may be treated with by applying to him & take it at any Time between this & Michaelmas next.
Particulars may be had of Mr. Samuel Kitton at the Back of the Inns, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd December 1774

To be Disposed of at or before Michaelmas next
A Large & convenient BAKING OFFICE with Starch & other Offices, now in full Trade; together with a Windmill with Two Pair of Frenches in good Repair; with upwards of 4 Acres of Arable and Pasure Land; the Stock in Trade and Fixtures and other Utensils; with an exceeding good Horse Boulting Mill, Rolling Screen & every Conveniency for the making & dressing of Flour, to be Disposed of with the Premises, which are situate in New Buckenham, a very desirable situation; now in the Possession of Robert Kitton, who is going into other Business and of whom for Particulars apply, or of Mrs. Pooley of Walsham Le Willows.

N.B. To prevent unnecessary Applications, none but Persons with considerable Capital.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th, 18th & 25th June & 6th, 13th & 20th August & 3rd & 10th September 1774

Baking-Office, Windmill, etc To be Lett at an easy Rent, and entered upon immediately, the old established Baking-Office, Windmill, and Premises, in New Buckenham, in the County of Norfolk, lately occupied by Robert Kitton.  
Enquire of Mr Algar, of Old Buckenham.  
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th December 1783

Buckenham Common, Norfolk - James Stark (1794-1859)
Buckenham Common, Norfolk - James Stark (1794-1859)
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Baking-Office, Windmill, etc

To be Lett at an easy Rent, and entered upon immediately, the old established BAKING OFFICE, WINDMILL and Premises, in New Buckenham, in the County of Norfolk, lately occupied by Robert Kitton.
Enquire of Mr Algar, of Old Buckenham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd December, 27th December 1783 & 3rd & 10th January 1784

Notice to debtors
All Persons who stand indebted to Robert Kitton late of New Buckenham, Norfolk, Miller & Baker, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Samuel Kitton at the Back of the Inns, Norwich or to Mr. Lionel Rodwell at Harling on Saturday 10 th of this Instant at the George Inn in New Buckenham aforesaid, at which place there will be attendance given on the aforesaid Day, or else they will be sued for the same without further notice.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd January 1784

To be LETT & entered on immediately, at New Buckenham in Norfolk, together or separately, an old & well-accustomed BAKING OFFICE, a Wind Mill & about three Acres of exceeding rich Pasture Ground, late in the occupation of Mr. Richard Kitton
Enquire of Mr. Neville Catlin, Old Buckenham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th & 15th May 1784
N.B. Probably Robert Kitton

SOLD AUCTION, NOAH BAKER, New Buckenham, Norfolk, on Thursday, Feb. 3, 1785, ALL the valuable IMPLEMENTS for dressing Flour and Corn, together with the Baking Utensils and other Fixtures on the Premises, late of Mr. Robert KITTON, Consisting of excellent Flour Mill and Machine to dress Corn, with large Horse Wheel, and all Going geers work the same, substantial and good, exceeding good Pair of Malt Stones, & c . as fixed, large Beam and Wood Scales, Kneading-troughs, Dressers, Shelves, Partitions for laying Flour, &c. Rack and Manger, Linen and other Posts, four Sail Cloths, and other Articles in the Mill. The Whole viewed any Day before the Sale, by applying to M. Townshend, at the George inn, New Buckenham aforesaid Sale Ten o'clock, and continue till all are sold. And as the Trustees of the Robert Kitton's intend to make a final Dividend thereof immediately after the Sale of the above Articles, Notice hereby given, for the Creditors the said Robert Kitton to meet the George Inn, in New Buckenham aforesaid, on Monday, the Day of February at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, in order to make and receive a final Dividend accordingly, so far as the effects will amount; and such Creditors as do not then and there attend, and prove their Debts, either in or otherwise, will be totally excluded from the Dividend of the said Effects January LIONEL RODWELL.
Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 22nd January 1785

To be Sold & entered upon at Michaelmas next
A Large & convenient BAKING OFFICE with about Four Acres of very rich Land, chiefly Pasture & also a Windmill belonging to & very near the same Premises, all Freehold & pays moderately to the Curate. The Mill pays 15s yearly to the manor of Old Buckenham. The Premises are in New Buckenham in Norfolk – if not sold by private Contract by the First Day of August next, will then be put up at Auction, of which notice will be given in this paper.
Enquire of Nevill Catlyn at Old Buckenham aforesaid.
June 9, 1789.

Norfolk Chronicle - 13th & 20th June 1789

To be Sold by Auction
By W. Burt
On Monday September 14 th on the Premises, New Buckenham, Norfolk precisely at 3 o’c
AN ESTATE Situated at New Buckenham consisting of a Baking Office built with Studs, Brick & Tile, the Interspace of the Studs not above eight Inches, uncommonly strong & calculated for a large Business of which there is a fair Prospect.
Also a WINDMILL near the above Office together with about four Acres of rich Pasture & Garded Ground adjoining.
All the Premises are Freehold except the Mill which pays a free Rent of 13s. per annum to the Lord of Manor.
The Premises may be viewed at any Time before the Sale by applying to Nevil Catlin.
Two Hundred Pounds of the Purchase money may remain if required.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th & 12th September 1789

Notice to Creditors & Debtors
The Creditors of Mr. Richard Cattermoul of New Buckenham, Miller & Baker, to meet Monday 21 September instant … when a statement of his affairs will be laid before them …
Norfolk Chronicle - 12th & 19th September 1795

To be Sold by Auction By Mr. Parson On Monday 5 October next
At the Kings Head in New Buckenham between the hours of 4 & 6
A convenient DWELLING HOUSE with the Baking Office & suitable outhouses, yards, Garden & Orchard, situate & being in New Buckenham aforesaid now in the possession of the Propietor, Richard Cattermoul who has carried on an extensive business in the baking line & who will give up the same & the premises on the 10 th day of October next. And also a WINDMILL, desirably situated near the above premises, possession of which may be had on the 10th October next.
The fixtures, bolting mill & wood to be taken by the purchaser at a fair valuation.
Apply to Mr. Wm. Cockell at Attleborough.
Attleborough, September 23, 1795.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th September & 3rd October 1795

The following melancholy accident happened during the late high wind; Mr. John Greef, of Cranworth, being in his mill at the time it was blown down, was unfortunately killed by its fall.
A mill at Aldeby, and Mr. Chasteney’s mill at Brissingham (the third within three years) were also blown down. – The sails from Cringleford, Mulbarton, New Buckenham, Poringland, and several other mills in the county, were also swept off.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th November 1795

Baking Office & Wind Mill
To be Sold & entered upon immediately
All that commodious, old established & good accustomed BAKING OFFICE & WIND MILL in the occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. Richard Cattermoul at New Buckenham, Norfolk, & one of the completest offices in the county.
Apply to B. Sword at the Kings Head, New Buckenham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st October 1796

To be Sold by Auction By W. Parson
On Friday July 5, 1805 at 4 o’c At the Kings Head, New Buckenham Norfolk.
A POST WINDMILL with the going gears, flour mill & a pair of 4½ feet French Stones, together with about one acre of Land, situate at New Buckenham, in the occupation of the owner Mr. High, who will give possession at Michaelmas next.

Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd & 29th June 1805

In the mid 1860s it appears that either Lewis Holl, vetinary surgeon, was renting the mill from the Old Buckenham estate and subletting to a tenant or he was entrusted with the affairs of the mill on behalf of the estate. Lewis Holl retired in June 1870. Lanham Holl ran the mill fromn c.1875 - c.1890 and in 1892 was only shown as a baker & corn factor. White's of 1883 lists 4 members of the family in its commercial section, including a veterinary surgeon and a school teacher.

To be SOLD or LET for a Term of Years
A POST WINDMILL situate on the Common, New Buckenham. The present tenant’s lease expires on January 6, 1866, on which day possession may be had.
Apply to Lewis Holl, New Buckenham, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 11th November 1865

To Millwrights & Ironfounders
WANTED to purchase a second hand IRON WIND-SHAFT for a Post Mill.
Length about 17 feet, weight from 17 to 20 cwt.
Apply to Lewis Holl, New Buckenham, Attleborough.

Norfolk News - 23rd December 1865

To Millers
TO BE SOLD OR LET, a DWELLING HOUSE, Stable, Cart Lodge, Small Barn, Piggeries & Windmill Driving Two pair of Stones, standing on an Acre of good Arable Land, situate on the Common at New Buckenham; is well winded & plenty of Grist – not being a mill nearer than about three miles. Immediate possession.
Apply Lewis Holl, New Buckenham, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 2nd February 1867
N.B. Dam Brigg mill at Old Buckentham was only one mile away

New Buckenham. The Petty Sessions.
3rd inst. John Brown of New Buckenham, Miller, charged with illtreating his son aged 10 years
His wife had deserted him a year ago owing to his drunken habits. Defendant committed to Norwich Castle for six weeks with hard labour.
Norfolk News - 7th August 1869

New Buckenham
Samuel Wells has received instructions to Sell by Auction on Monda, August 9, 1869 all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & other Effects of Mr. John Brown, Miller, comprising useful Grey Horse, Luggage Cart on Steel Springs, 2 sets of Harness, Cart Cover, Scales & Weights, Stone Rope, Mill Chain, Bills, Sack Barrow & Sacks, Two half-bred Lambs, One Shearling, Lot of Fowls etc.
Sale to commence at 1 o’c.
The House, Mill & Premises to be Let with Immediate Possession if required, together with about One Acre of ARABLE LAND.

Apply to Mr. Lewis Holl, New Buckenham or the Auctioneer, Attleborough.
Norfolk News - 7th August 1869

Retirement of Lewis Holl, Veterinary Surgeon of Chapel Street, New Buckenham.
Norfolk News - 11th June 1870

Situations Vacant

Apply to E.O. Bevles (sic) New Buckenham.
Norfolk News - 27th August 1870

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a Single Man to work a POST WIND-MILL.
Apply to E.C. Beales, New Buckenham.

Norfolk News - 13th August 1870

In 2013 I traveled to Old Buckenham from which my namesake family immigrated to the U.S. in 872. Although a cousin of my father had passed through OB in the 1970s no one had ever gone back and stayed in OB since the family's leaving.
Before traveling there I had done extensive research into the family from the UK census records which essentially start with 1841. Also the family here had remained in close contact through the several generations (and until my father's generation were all blacksmiths) and had retained letters, photographs (in which we actually knew who the people in the pictures were) and other documents to which I had at first had access to and later ownership of, so I had a good grounding in the family lore.
Oddly enough, the B&B I stayed at in OB had formerly been the home of a great-great aunt before and after the turn of the 20th century. And when I mentioned this to the current owner she took out a list of previous owners and found my aunt and uncle's name down on the list. It was a long list since parts of the house dated to the 14th century.
Because of their close proximity New Buckenham was also part of the history. My great-great grandfather Self (Charles) had married a woman from NB and her father was a miller in NB. This was Francis Palmer who is named on your list of owners for the New Buckenham postmill in 1856. It was his daughter Mary Ann whom Charles married in 1854 in NB's St. Martin's church (I was able to get a copy of the marriage record from the Norfolk County records office in Norwich).
And Robert Palmer, owner prior to Francis, being the grandfather of Mary Ann Palmer would be my four greats grandfather.
But my purpose in writing to you is not to talk about my family background other than to give you a setting for the rest of this message.
While in Norfolk I did all of my local transportation by bicycle (500+ miles in 3 weeks, never going more than about 20 direct miles from OB) and on one of my early trips I went east of NB and saw the Mill House Garage. A few days later I purposely went back and stopped at the garage and went in and was greeted by the owner. When I told him my story about my g-g-grandfather he took out a list from his desk which again was a list of all the previous owners of the property and when asked "which one?" I told him Francis Palmer he pointed out his name.
After a 15 minute chat about the history of the area he mentioned he had something I would like to see. We went to his house, which is next to the garage and in a hallway, hanging, was a picture which he allowed me to photograph. He (and now I) believe it to be the New Buckenham mill since the OB mill is and was within the village boundaries, which are extensive being more populous tan NB and with the enormous green in the center, and the NB mill was outside. NB is also a much more compact village and didn't and still does not extend out to the mill property.
Ken Self, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA - 24th December 2021

O.S. Map 1883
O. S. Map 1883
Courtesy of NLS map images

1768: John Pooley, miller & baker, died

1774: Robert Kitton, miller

September 1774: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

December 1774: Mill advertised to be let

1782: Robert Kitten, miller

December 1783: Mill advertised to be let

May 1784: Mill advertised to be let

1783: Robert Kitton, miller, died

January 1785: MIll advertised for sale by auction

June 1789: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

September 1789: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1795: Richard Cattermoul, miller & baker

September 1795: Mill advertised for sale by auction

November 1795: Mill sails blown off in a heavy gale

October 1796: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1805: ? High, miller

June 1805: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Bryant's map 1826: 2 mills

Pigot's 1830:
Robert Palmer, miller, New Buckenham

White's 1836: Robert Palmer, corn miller

White's 1845: Robert Palmer, corn miller

1846: Robert Palmer, miller

1850: Francis Palmer, miller

White's 1854: Francis Palmer, miller

1858: Francis Palmer, miller

1863: John Rotherham, miller

White's 1864: John Rotherham, miller

1865: John Rotherham, miller

November 1865: Mill advertised for sale or let

1868: John Brown, miller

August 1869: John Brown, miller, committed to Norwich Castle gaol for ill treating his 10 year old son

August 1869: Mill advertised to be let and the effects of Joihn Brown, miller offered for auction

August 1870: Ellis Beales, miller

1872: Ellis Beales, miller

1875: Lanham Holl, miller

Kelly's 1879: Lanham Holl, miller

White's 1883: Lanham Holl, miller, baker, corn & coal merchant

O.S. map 1883:
Windmill (Corn)

O.S. map 1887: Windmill (Corn)

c.1890: Mill ceased working

1920: Mill demolished with the assistance of Tom Riches of Banham composite mill

1970: Mrs. Rush, Mill House

If you have any memories, anecdotes or photos please let us know and we may be able to use them to update the site. By all means telephone 07836 675369 or

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