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Martham Hemsby Road tower windmill was built a short distance to the southeast of the older postmill after the postmill suffered a fire c.1789. The 4 storey tarred brick mill was built with two pairs of stones but a third pair was added in later years along with a steam engine that drove a further pair of stones. The sails also powered a flour mill, jumper and smut machine. The earlier_postmill was also rebuilt as a later_mill and that the roundhouse of the earlier_postmill was used a storehouse by the owners of the towermill.

The Tithe Awards of the early 1840s recorded William Crowe was occupier of both the towermill and the postmill and both mills were available for sale together in 1834.

To Millers
A Steady active single MAN who understands working a tower windmill and can read and write may hear of a place immediately by applying to Mr. W. Wells of Martham near Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st June 1811

Whereas a malicious and unfounded Report has lately been circulated, injurious to the character of Mr. William Wells of Martham in the county of Norfolk, Miller, stating that he has adulterated his flour and been fined by the Magistrates for so doing; but knowing that he has not been guilty of the alleged circumstances he feels himself compelled to declare publically they are false and without any foundation whatever and also that he will prosecute any person or persons with the utmost rigour of the law, who may vilify and defame his character in the like manner, unjustly and undeservedly.
May 20, 1812.

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th May 1812

Here Bane and Wells - two millers dwell,
Of far farm'd notoriety
And if you'd plan - their Arts to scan
Pray enter their society
They are said to be - no more dissimilar
Than honesty and miller are.

A Stranger's Guide to the Polite Village of Martham - 1830

Elizabeth Bane's cousin, James Bane (b.1793) was the miller at Erpingham towermill 1836 - 1846.

Martham - 13th February 1834

"I James Bane of Martham in the county of Norfolk. Farmer being of sound mind and disposing mind, memory and understanding do make, publish and declare my last Will and Testament in the manner following that is to say I give and devise unto Elizabeth my daughter all and singular my messuages, farms, dwelling houses, cottages, barns, stables, mills, edifices, buildings, lands, tenements and hereditaments and real estate whatsoever both freehold and copyhold or wherever or where to I now have or claim any estate right, title or interest in possession, reversion, remainder contingency expectancy or otherwise howsoever situate lying and being in Martham and West Somerton in the County of Norfolk or elsewhere within the Kingdom of Great Britain with all the rights (members?) and appurtenances there into belonging . To hold the same unto my said daughter, her heirs and assigns forever. Also I hive and bequest the use of and not the absolute property of or in all my household furniture and implements of household plate, lining, china books, pictures and prints, money and securities OCR money dead and live farming stock produce crops implements of husbandry and all the rest and residue of my good chattels and personal estate and effects whatsoever and of what nature or kind solver the same may be or consist except a legacy of ten pounds which thereby I give to Benjamin Bowgen my Executor hereafter named for his care and the trouble in the execution hereof unto Ester my wife for her life and from and after her deceased I give and bequeath the said furniture, money and securities for money, stock, crops, personal Estate and Effects and the absolute property of or in the same unto my said daughter to and for her own sole and absolute use, benefit and disposal provided nevertheless and notwithstanding anything herein before contained I charge my Mill and the piece of land on which it stands and their appurtenances in Martham aforesaid and now in the occupation of William Harrison Wells with the payment unto my said wife for her life of the annual sum of twenty five ponds in half yearly portions. And I give her the usual powers of entry and distress on the said Mill and piece of land in case of non payment of the said annuity for the recovery of the same together with all costs attending the same. And it is my will that in consideration of the provision I have herein made for my wife she shall release all her dower Estate and interest of and in all and every said hereditaments and real Estate whenever required and I nominate and appoint my said daughter and Benjamin Bowgen of Martham aforesaid farmer to be the Executrix and Executor of this my Will lastly hereby revoking all Wills and Testaments by me here before made I do declare this only to be my last Will and testament. In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal the thirteenth day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty four

James Bane (seal)

Signed sealed published and declared by the above named testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presents of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses William Copper, Mary Forder, Chas Bell.

This Will proved at Rollesby on the twenty seventh day of March 1834 before the Reverend Thomas Baker, Clerk surrogate duly appointed to the Worshipful William Gonge, Clerk.".

Norwich Mercury - 13th September 1834
Norwich Mercury - 13th September 1834

To Millers and others
To be Sold by Private Contract
All that substantial Brick TOWER WINDMILL with capacious roundhouse patent sails and winding apparatus, driving two pair of French stones, flour mill, jumper, smut machine with going gears complete of the best description together with a very commodious and respectable Dwelling house, granary, stables, gig house, cart lodges, piggeries, garden etc. the whole forming one of the most desirable situations in Norfolk in which the Proprietor has carried on an extensive Trade for more than thirty years and spared no expense in improving the Premises which are all in good repair.
The whole is Freehold in a good corn country about eight miles from Yarmouth and within half a mile of the Common Staithe.
N.B. Three fourths of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage if required.
The Purchaser may have the advantage of the Lease of a good Post_Mill adjoining the said Premises and also at no very distant period may be accommodated with the Hire or Purchase of about 35 Acres of good Arable and Marsh land lying near the Mills.
Apply personally to Mr. W. Wells on the Premises or to Mr. W. H. Wells, Dilham_Mills.
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th September 1834

Brick Tower Windmill
To be Let and Entered upon at Michaelmas next
All that capital Brick Tower WINDMILL situate in the parish of Martham in the county of Norfolk, with Patent Sails, Winding Tackle etc. driving two pairs of stones, Flour Mill, Jumper and Smut Machine with capacious Roundhouse suitable for an extensive trade.
Also Dwelling house, Garden and all necessary Stables and Outbuildings.
The above is within 8 miles of Yarmouth and the navigable river passes through the village.
Enquire of Mr. W. H. Wells, Dilham_Mills or at his stand in the Corn Exchange in Norwich on Saturdays.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th September 1834

Sale of Five horse power Steam Engine, pair of four ft. stones etc. "... on the premises of Mr. W. B. Crowe at Mr. Wells' Tower Windmill at Martham, Norfolk (Mr. Crowe being about to relinquish the occupation and leaving the trade.)"

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th September 1834

Tithe Award map 1842
Tithe Award map 1842
Plot 271 - towermill
Plot 272 - postmill

Tithe map 1842 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1842 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1843
Map, Josh. Manning, Surveyor, Norwich, 1842
Owner: William Wells
Occupier: William Crow

No. 271

House & mill


0a. 2r. 29p.

1/10d Vicar only

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a Married Man without encumbrance to act as FOREMAN.
Must be steady and obliging.
Apply to J. C. Faulke, Martham Mills.

Norfolk News - 19th December 1868

Situations Vacant
Wanted immediately, a steady industrious Married Man without incumbrance, to work a TOWER MILL.
Apply to J. C. Fauller, Martham Mills. A cottage on the premises
Norfolk News - 18th October 1873

James Cooper Faulke jnr. married Catherine Harvey Bane b.1822, daughter of James Bane.

Mill house c.1895
Mill house c.1895

MARTHAM To Millers
To be Let with possession at Michaelmas next.
The well-placed Brick Tower Wind Mill driving three pairs of stones. Steam engine (8 H.P.) driving one pair of stones, with suitable stabling, cart lodges etc. Comfortable Residence with gardens and labourer's cottage near mill, situate at Martham, Norfolk.
Proprietor, Mrs. Faulke, giving up business, every facility will will be given to the hirer as to the trade. Mills now in full work.
Apply to Messrs. Spelman, Norwich and Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 12th June 1886

To Millers
To be Let with possession at Michaelmas next.
The well-placed Brick Tower Wind Mill driving three Pairs of Stones, a Steam Engine (8 horse power) driving one Pair of Stones, with suitable Stabling, Cart Lodges etc. Comfortable RESIDENCE with Gardens and Labourer's COTTAGE near the Mill, situate at Martham, Norfolk.
The Proprietor, Mrs. Faulke, giving up Business, every facility will will be given to the Hirer as to the Trade.
The Mills now in full work.
Apply to Messrs. Spelman at Norwich and Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 12th, 19th & 26th June 1886

MARTHAM MILLS, Norfolk, about a mile from the Station.
Two horses, 2 mill carts, one horse tumbril, pony car, pony cart, luggage cart harness, driving harness, water cart, Brewing utensils.
Messrs. Spelman have received instructions from Mrs. Faulke who has let the mills, to sell by auction on Thursday November 4, 1886 above effects at Martham Mills.
Yarmouth Independent - 30th October 1886

Mrs. Faulke having let the Mills to Mr. William James Tooley begs to thank the public for their patronage in the past and to ask them still to continue the same to her successor.
Mr. Tooley has instructions to receive all debts due to Mrs. Faulke and to forward any accounts due from Mrs. Faulke to her forthwith.
November 10, 1886.
Yarmouth Independent - 13th November 1886

Sale of effects of Mr. J. W. Tooley, leaving village, upon the premises Martham Mill.
Six valuable houses etc.
Yarmouth Independent - 30th October 1892

On Wednesday next. To Millers
A Good Living for an Industrious Man, MARTHAM, Norfolk
Messrs. Spelman to Sell by Auction on June 3, 1896 at the Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth, the well situated and old established CORN WIND MILL doing its work up to settlement of purchase, with Dwelling house, cottage and garden, situate at Martham, in occupation of Mr. J. H. Tooley at £45 per annum.
Sold with immediate possession.
Apply to Messrs. Burton & Son, Solrs. Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 30th May 1896

To be Sold or Let. The Mill, Mill House, Cottage and Premises.
Apply Burton & Son, Solicitors, Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 6th January 1900

Robert George Turner & Sone were also the owners of East Ruston towermill.

The first meeting of the creditors of Sidney Stackwood, miller of Martham and lately of Bacton_ Wood_Mill, was held on Saturday at the Norwich offices of the Official Receiver (Mr. H. V. Gould).
The debtor returned his liabilities at £1029. 6s. 9d. of which £325. 14s. 9d are expected to rank for dividend, there being one partly secured creditor for $430. The debtor put his assets at £133. 8s. 9d. leaving a deficiency of £492. 6s. The causes of failure, as alleged by the debtor are 'Bad debts and expenses of removal to Martham and repairs to house and mill.'
The Official Receiver's observations are as under:-
The receiving order was made on the debtor's own petition. In April 1908 he sold a milling plant at Worstead and with a capital ...
Dereham & Fakenham Times - 17th August 1912

My great-grandmother Mrs Alice Dyble (née Sims) used to live at Mill House. She was known locally as Granny Dyble. She was a remarkable, lovely lady who alone since being widowed.  She lived next door to Mr and Mrs Newman (who I used to call Noo-Noo) where she would get her 'soft' water from their well and the 'hard' water from the pump in their back yard. Granny had no running water in the house! My grandfather (Ernest Dyble) insisted that she have electricity installed in the house but she didn't trust it so she used to use candles to light her way. My great-grandmother died in 1968 - I believe she was about 92 years young when she died.
I would be more than interested to hear from anyone who remembers Granny and would like to share their memories of her with me.

Kathleen Jukes - 30th April 2011

In 1912, Samuel Carter, gamekeeper at East Ruston . . . rented the tower windmill, steam mill with the corn mill, oat crusher and also going gears, fixtures and appurtenances. Yearly rent of £20. To use the premises as a miller and merchant.

O.S. Map 1884
O.S. Map 1884
postmill to the northwest and towermill to the southeast
Courtesy of NLS map images

O.S. Map 1905
O.S. Map 1905
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1836: Elizabeth Bane, farmer (yeoman)
White's 1836: William Wells, gentleman

White's 1854: James Rust, farmer

White's 1864: Daniel Rust, millwright & engineer

Kelly's 1879: Daniel Rust, engineer, millwright & carpenter
Kelly's 1879: Ellen C. Rust (Miss) ladies' school

White's 1883: James Cooper Faulke, farmer, Manor house
White's 1883: Daniel Rust, millwright
White's 1883: Miss Ellen Rust, day school

White's 1890: Daniel Rust, millwright
White's 1890: Miss Ellen Rust, day school

Kelly's 1892: James Cooper Faulke, relieving officer for East & West Flegg district
Kelly's 1892: George Rust, engineer & millwright

Kelly's 1896: Daniel Rust snr. millwright
Kelly's 1896: Daniel Rust jnr. coal dealer

Kelly's 1904: Daniel Rust jnr., coal dealer, millwright & machinist & agent for Northern Assurance Co.
Kelly's 1904: George Turner, farmer, Damgate

Kelly's 1908: Daniel Rust jnr., coal dealer, millwright & machinist & agent for Northern Assurance Co.
Kelly's 1908: George Turner, farmer, Damgate

Kelly's 1912: Daniel Rust, coal dealer & machinist
Kelly's 1912: George Turner, farmer, Damgate

Kelly's 1916: Daniel Rust, coal dealer & machinist

c.1789: Mill built after fire at earlier postmill just to the northwest

1789: George Barnes, miller
1789: Isaac Saul, miller

1798: James Bane, miller
1798: Thomas Bowgin, miller

Poll book 1801: James Bane, miller & owner

1804: William Wells married Sarah Harrison and son William Harrison Wells was born in 1805

Poll book 1806: James Bane, farmer & owner

1811: William Wells, tenant miller

1812: William Wells, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1834: James Bane died

1834: William Harrison Wells, miller

13th September 1834: Mill advertised for sale by private contract; also lease of adjacent postmill

White's 1836: William Crow, miller

Tithe Award 1841: Owner: William Wells; Occupier: William Crow

O.S. map 1837: Windmill

1843: William Wells, owner; William Crow, occupier

September 1843: Mill advertised to be let as William Crow had surrendered his lease

1843: William Wells auctioned off a 5 h.p. steam boiler, a 4' 0" pair of stones, shafts etc

White's 1845: William Wells, corn miller

Hunt's 1850: James Cooper Faulke snr., miller

Census 1851:

James Cooper Faulke snr (31) b.N. Walsham, miller employing 2 men
? Reynolds (53) b.Caistor, female servant
Emnolds Parrett (24) b.Lenwade, journeyman miller
William House (15) b.Flegg Burgh, apprentice miller
Address: Market Road

c.1853: Postmill demolished

Kelly's 1854: James Cooper Faulke snr, miller

White's 1854: James Cooper Faulke snr, corn miller

Census 1861:

James Cooper Faulke snr (41) b.N. Walsham, miller employing 3 men and 1 apprentice
Catherine Faulke (35) b.Erpingham
James Cooper Faulke (4) b.Martham
Wm. Harbord (18) b.Martham, miller’s apprentice
Martha Hodds (17) b.Martham, housemaid
Address: Hemsby Road

Census 1861:

Benjamin Beck (33) b.Carfield, journeyman miller
Sarah Beck (34) b.Potter Heigham
George Beck (9) b.Catfield, scholar
Ann Beck (3) b.Martham
Address: Hemsby Road

1868: James Cooper Faulke snr, miller

1871: James Faulke, miller and farmer of 100 acres employing seven men and two boys

Kelly's 1879: James Cooper Faulke snr, miller, farmer & corn merchant, Martham Mills

Census 1881:

James C. Faulke jnr (24) b.Martham, master miller employing 3 men
Eliza P. Faulke (23) b.Martham
Address: Mill House

White's 1883: James Cooper Faulke jnr., corn miller & merchant

14th March 1883: James Faulke died leaving the mill to his wife Catherine

O.S. map 1888-91: Windmill (Corn)

June 1886: Mill advertised to be let

October 1886: Mill let by Mrs. Faulke along with an 8hp steam engine to William James Tooley, miller

October 1886: Horses and carts etc. advertised for auction by Mrs. Faulke

1888: William James Tooley, miller

Kelly's 1892: William James Tooley, miller (wind & steam)

October 1892: Effects of William Tooley advertised for sale a he was leaving the village

Kelly's 1896: William James Tooley, miller (wind & steam)

May 1896: Mill advertised for sale by auction in occupation of J. H. Tooley at a rent of £45 per annum

January 1900: Mill advertised for sale or let

Kelly's 1900: Robert George Turner & Son, millers

Kelly's 1904: Robert George Turner & Son, millers

O.S. map 1905: Windmill

1906: Christopher Austin Ingram, miller

Kelly's 1908: Christopher Austin Ingram, miller

1911: Sidney Stackwood, miller

Kelly's 1912: Sidney Stackwood, miller (wind & steam)

August 1912: Sidney Stackwood, bankrupt

1912: Samuel Carter ex gamekeeper of East Ruston running the premises as miller and merchant

c.1913: Mill ceased operation

c.1914: Mill demolished

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