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Drainage Mills (Windpumps)
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Mill site - 10th February 2020
Mill site - 10th February 2020

Baptism records show that William Green (miller) and wife Frances, baptised their son William on 13th December 1825 at Hempstead church.

10th February 2020
Mill site looking towards Hempstead - Holt Road - 10th February 2020

Local historian Jane Hales wrote that her uncle, Basely Hales remembered a mill at Court Green, Hempstead in the early 1850s.

O.S. Map 1831
Mill highlighted by red dot

Tithe Map 1841
Tithe Map 1841
Mill site within small semicircle of Plot 94a to the bottom left of Court Green

O.S. Map 1885
O.S. Map 1885
Hempstead Court Green top centre
Courtesy of NLS map images

Deed 1545:
George de Fysher of Sheringham to Nicholas Brettingham, Reginald Cooke & William King,
all of Hempstead to 4 acres at the Windmill at Hempstead.

Enclosure map 1815:
. . .large postmill, complete with roundhouse and ladder

Church Records 1825: William Green, miller

White's 1836: Isaac Everitt, corn miller residing Hempstead
(possibly Hempstead watermill)

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

10th Sept 1839: Windmill, shed and yards, Owner: Richard Hanbury Gurney; Occupier: William Dawson

Tithe map 1841: Plot 94a Windmill, shed and yards, Occupier: William Dawson

Poor Rate 27th January 1841:
William Dawson, Windmill with 8a.0r.0p. and house with 6a.4r.0p.as tenant of R. H. Gurney Esq. rated at 1/ 9d. in the pound on £14.10s 0d. paying £1.5.4½d

1852: Windmill

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