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Carbrooke Mill Drift postmill had a roundhouse and drove two pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

To be Sold & entered upon at Michaelmas next
A POST WINDMILL with roundhouse, one pair of capital French stones, & flour mill, with a cottage & about two acres of land situate in the parish of Carbrooke, near Watton, Norfolk.
Enquire of David Stone.
Carbrooke, September 6, 1808.
Norfolk Chronicle - 10th September 1808

David Stone died intestate c.1811 and his estate valued at c.£200 was claimed by his wife Ann Stone who applied for in 1811, this being approved on 29th February 1812.

It is possible, although only speculation, that Anne Stone sold the mill to John Murrell and his executors then sold it to Robert Homes.

The will of John Murrell, miller of Carbrooke - was proved on 24th April 1824...
Executor to dispose of houses, mill, lands, tenements and hereditaments lying in Carbrooke.
To son William a bed and bedding, to Jane a daughter, bed and bedding.
Monies to put William and Jane in apprenticeship to be held John's brother, named Robert Murrell.
John Murrell's wife, Sarah was also mentioned.

Melancholy Calamity. Attended with Loss of Life.

Whereas by the dreadful Hurricane of the 29th ult. A Windmill, the Property of Mr. Robert Homes, of Carbrooke, near Watton, in the county of Norfolk, was blown down, and the Machinery and Going Gears therein demolished, the cost of replacing which it is estimated will be upwards of £300. The Son of the Proprietor being therein, was unfortunately killed, to the inexpressible sorrow of his Parents, Relatives and Friends. By the above lamentable catastrophy, the Proprietor is deprived of the means of supporting himself and family. His Friends, well knowing the circumstances attending the above unfortunate accident, and his general Character for honesty and industry, are anxious to contribute towards his loss by assisting him in rebuilding and fitting up the same, and continuing in his business, make this appeal to a Generous Public for their aid in the above undertaking, trusting it will not be made in vain, but that it will be the means of enabling him to recommence and follow his employment for the support of Himself and Family.

Any Contributions his Friends may think proper to make will be received with thanks and acknowledged with gratitude.

Subscriptions will be received at the Offices of the Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Mercury and at the Banks in Norwich.


Richard Dewing, Esq. Carbrooke
J. E. Scott, Esq. Carbrooke
Henry Dover, Esq. Caston
Isaac Cook, Esq.
Henry Hare
Jeremiah Mines

Norfolk Chronicle - 10th & 17th September 1836

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

September 1808: Mill advertised for sale

20th January 1811: David Stone buried in Carbrooke, having died at the age of 45

18th August 1824: John Murrell buried in Carbrooke, having died at the age of 46

Will proved 24th April 1824: John Murrell, miller of Carbrooke

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: John Holmes, corn miller

29th November 1836: Mill blown down in a gale killing John Hol
mes, son of Robert Holmes, owner

c.1837 Replacement postmill erected

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