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Briston Mill Lane east post mill stood beside the later west_postmill. The mill was quite small and used a single pair of stones.


On Tuesday 12th February Inst. at 12 o’c in the Forenoon at the Sign of the half Moon in Briston in Norfolk.
All that WINDMILL with all its going Gears thereto belonging as it now stands upon the Common of Briston aforesaid.

For further Particulars enquire of Mr. WYMER, Attorney at Law at the White Lyon in Holt, Norfolk.
Norwich Mercury - 9th February 1765

To be Sold by Private Contract

A Very excellent WINDMILL situate at Briston aforesaid, now in full trade, with about an Acre of land & a neat Cottage, good & convenient outbuildings thereto belonging. The above premises are all freehold & have a common right over & upon all the extensive commons of Briston.
Apply to Mr. R. FUNNELL of Briston or to E. BALLS who lives on the said premises, if by letter post paid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st & 8th August 1812

Briston - 1828

This is the last Will and Testament of me Elizabeth Storey the Wife of Stephen Storey of Briston in the County of Norfolk Miller made published and declared this tenth day of December one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven in manner following (that is to say) I do hereby in exercise and execution of all and every power and powers authority and authorities whatsoever in me vested to me given or in any wise enabling me in this behalf by this my last Will and Testament in writing by me duly executed give devise and also direct limit and appoint All that my share and Interest of and in all that Messuages or Farmhouse buildings and the land and appurtenances thereto belonging situate at Outwell in the said County now in the occupation of Luke Trot And also all other my Messuages Lands Tenements and Hereditaments and parts and shares of Messuages Lands Tenements and Hereditaments situate in Outwell aforesaid and elsewhere in Great Britain (after paying my funeral and testamentary expenses) in manner following (that is to say) As to one moiety thereof unto and to the use of my son Thomas Theodorick Marcon of Forncett Saint Peter in the said County Farmer and his heirs And the other Moiety thereof unto and to the use of my daughter Elizabeth Rump for her life and after her death unto and to the use of Children as tenants in common and not as joint tenants and to their several and respective heirs with …… remainders between them (if any of them die without issue Subject to and chargeable with the payment of one annuity or yearly Sum of Sixteen Pounds of Good and lawful Money of Great Britain clear of all deductions whatever to Stephen Storey my husband during his life by equal half yearly payments in every year the first payment thereof to begin and be made at the end of six calendar Months after my decease and in case default shall be made in payment of the said Annuity within twenty one days after any of such half yearly payments it shall be lawful for my said Husband to enter into and upon the said real Estate so devised as aforesaid and the same to hold and enjoy and the rents and profits thereof to receive and take to his own use until the said Annuity together with all reasonable costs and charges expended in the recovery thereof shall be fully paid and satisfied And I give direct limit and appoint all rents due at my decease for the said Farm Lands and premises to my said Son and Daughter in equal shares And I appoint my said son Thomas Theodorick marcon my Executor
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written.
Elizabeth Storey
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Elizabeth Storey the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses hereto
Robert Browne Adcock John Serjeant Goddard The mark of x Mary Gibson
October 21st 1828
This Will was then exhibited into the Office to be filed and Registered only the Testatrix leaving no personals.
Examined with the Original Will
by me
John Howard Surr.

Thomas STOREY the Younger, formerly of Edgefield, and late of Briston, both in Norfolk, Miller and Baker, bankrupt.
London Gazette - 24th February 1829

To be Let. With Immediate Possession

A Capital Windmill & Bake Office in Full Trade, together with a Dwelling house in good repair situate at Briston in the county of Norfolk, in the occupation of Mr. STOREY.
The Tenant will shew the premises & further particulars may be had on application to Mr. JUBY, Solr. Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd May 1829

Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors.
Prisoner for debt in Norwich Gaol
Joseph SEAMAN late of Briston in the county of Norfolk, Miller.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th October 1831


An excellent WIND MILL at BRISTON in Norfolk, working one pair of Stones, together with a neat & commodious house & about an Acre of Land attached.
Apply to Mr. EBBETTS of Kelling, Norfolk or to Mr. JUBY, Solr. Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 19th November 1831

Notice re insolvent Debtor
Joseph Seaman late of Briston, Miller

Meeting of Creditors 28 June at Kings Head Inn, Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 19th May 1832

John Reeve made a will on 1st April 1844 and he died on 10th June 1844, after which the will was proved on 19th July 1844 and probate was granted to the executors on 22nd July 1844. The two executors were John's brother, Edward Reeve and Joseph Colman of Briston.

I give to Sophia Reeve my wife, all household furniture, plate, linen, china and glass for her own absolute use and benefit.
Instructions to the executors included:
After my death to sell and dispose of as an entirety or in parcels, and either by public auction, or private contract All and very my messuages, windmills, lands and hereditaments situate and being in Briston.

Notice to Debtors & Creditors of
Mr. John REEVE, late of Briston in the County of Norfolk
Miller, Deceased.

Edward REEVE


) Executors of the Deceased
Briston July 10, 1844
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th July 1844

To Millers & Bakers

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. J. COLMAN on Tuesday 17 September 1844 at the Half Moon, Briston near Holt at 3 o’c
A convenient Dwelling house & Baking office with a very superior oven built last year, TWO POST WINDMILLS each driving a very prime pair of stones & having Flour Mills & going gears complete, capital stables, Cart lodge 7 Outbuildings recently erected, with Garden & Pightle of Arable land attached, situate at Briston in Norfolk, late in the occupation of Mr. John Reeve, Miller, deceased.
The Buildings with the site thereof & Garden are Freehold & the residue is Copyhold. Annual outgoings 16s. 6d.
The above property is well situate for Business & the Purchaser may have Immediate Possession. Apply to Mr. W. L. Mendham Solr. Post Office Street, Norwich or the Auctioneer, Briston, who will shew the Premises.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th & 14th September 1844


To be Sold by Auction
By Mr. J. COLMAN on Monday October 14, 1844
Mare, Miller’s Cart, etc. property of John Reeve, deceased
at 12 o’c
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th October 1844

Tithe Award 1845
Map C. BURCHAM, Surveyor, Lynn. 1843
Owners: Executors of John REEVE
Occupiers: do
No. 254 Two Windmills Pasture 1a.0r.8p. 14s 4d
Cottages etc.

Tithe Award 1845
Map C. Burcham, Surveyor, Lynn. 1843
Owners: Executors of John Reeve
Occupiers: do

No. 254 Two Windmills Pasture, Cottages etc 1a. 0r. 8p. 14s. 4d.

Tithe map 1843 drawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1843 drawn by Harry Apling showing east and west mills

To Millers & Bakers

To be Sold or Let with possession on the 11th October next
A very compact small Estate at BRISTON, in Norfolk
Comprising Two small POST WINDMILLS each driving one pair of stones, a very comfortable Dwelling house containing….
A capital Baking Office adjoining, two stables with cart lodges & all other requisite buildings, two gardens & a small piece of Arable Land all lying in a ring fence & unusually well adapted for carrying on the Milling & Baking Business.
The Estate is part Freehold & Part Copyhold
Apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. William REEVE, North Tuddenham, to Mr. Edward REEVE, Briston who will shew the premises or to Messrs. TILLETT, COLMAN & MENDHAM, Solrs. Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 16th September 1848

WINDMILL & DWELLING HOUSE at Briston near Holt
To be Sold by Auction In the month of April next
All that Excellent brick & tiled DWELLING HOUSE with WINDMILL, Bake office, Stable, Piggeries and other convenient outbuildings and piece of land containing about one acre, situate at Briston, in the occupation of Robert REYNOLDS.
For further particulars apply to Mr. W. L. MENDHAM, Solicitor, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 27th March 1858

Windmill & Dwelling House, Baking Office etc.
at BRISTON near Holt
To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Joseph COLMAN on Wednesday 21 April 1858 at the Half Moon Inn, Briston at 2 for 3 o’c
Lot 1.
Dwelling House etc.
Lot 2.
All the Machinery, Wreck & Materials of an excellent post Windmill lately standing on the above premises, consisting of iron shaft, patent sails, stones, flour mill & going gear.
Apply to W.L. MENDHAM, Solr. Norwich or the Auctioneer, Briston.
Norfolk Chronicle - 17th April 1858 & Norfolk News - 10th & 17th April 1858

O.S. Map 1891 drawn by Harry Apling
O.S. Map 1891 drawn by Harry Apling

February 1765: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Faden's map 1797: Mill

1812: E. Balls, miller

August 1812: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

10th December 1827: Elizabeth Storey's will published

Index of Wills 1828: Elizabeth Storey, wife of Stephen Storey, miller, Edgefield

1829: Thomas Storey jnr, miller & baker, bankrupt

May 1829: Mill in the occupation of Thomas Storey advertised to be let

1831: Joseph Seaman, miller

1831: Joseph Seaman, miller in Norwich gaol for debt

White's 1836: Henry Mower, corn miller

O.S. 1st Edition map 1838: Mill

1839-40: Henry Fulsher, miller

Tithe Award map 1843: Mill

10th June 1844: John Reeve, miller, died

1844: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1843-45: Executors of John Reeve, miller

Tithe Award 1845: Executors of John Reeve, miller. 2 mills (east and west)

White's 1845: Daniel Clifton, miller & baker

1845-46: Daniel Clifton, miller

1850-56: Henry Mower, miller

Census 1851: Henry Mower (42) b.Snape, Suffolk, miller & baker (master)
Theodora Mower (42) b.Beccles, Suffolk
Henry Mower (16) b.Briston.
Francis Mower (14) b.Briston
William Mower (12) b.Briston, scholar.
Caroline Mower (10) b.Briston,scholar

Kelly's 1854: Henry Mower, miller & baker

White's 1854: Henry Mower, corn miller & baker

1858: Robert Reynolds, miller

March 1858: Mill advertised for sale by auction in April 1858

March/April 1858: Mill wrecked and remains advertised for sale by auction

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