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This smock mill was marked on the 1824 map and is mentioned in an advert in 1828.

Eligible Investment,
To be SOLD by Private Contract,
With Possession at Michaelmas next or sooner if required.

A Capital TOWER WIND MILL, Brick and Timber built, with Patent Sails and driving three pair of Stones. The Machinery of every description in this Mill is in excellent condition and new within a very few years, and she has the advantage of about one acre of Land attached. The property is situated within a mile of Norwich, in a populous and increasing neighbourhood; and the Land is a most eligible spot for Building purposes.
The only outgoing is a Land-tax of 9s. per annum.

For price and particulars, apply (if by Letter postage paid) to Mr. Peter Day, Solicitor, Upper Market, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 9th August 1828

The mill was marked on the 1834 map. John Hill was the miller in 1836 and the mill was also marked on the 1838 map. Charles Bensley was the miller from 1839 to 1845 followed by James Capon, who had previously been at Catton towermill, until 1848. The mill was for auction in December 1848.

Timothy Baker was the miller from 1854 to 1856. He was born c.1792 in Beeston, Norfolk and had previously been a corn merchant’s agent. In 1856 Henry Bond, who came here from Bond’s mill, Sprowston towermill, took the mill. He died on the 13th February 1860.


On Monday last, Mr. H. Bond, sen., miller, Hellesdon, late of Sprowston.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th February 1860

His widow, Martha and two of her sons, William George and Henry, who was known as Harry, then ran the mill. In 1861 Martha Bond was given as a miller aged 60 living in Aylsham Road, Hellesdon with sons Henry S. (21) and William B. (20). She was listed in White’s Directory of 1868 as a corn miller in Hellesdon. In 1871 Martha Bond was given as a miller aged 71 living in Cromer Road, Hellesdon with her sons William G. (33) Henry (31) and her sister Harriet (54).

William George Bond left the mill in 1871, taking the mill at St. Clement’s Hill, New Catton. Harry Bond continued to run the mill. He was married in September 1873.


BOND – JEFFRIES. – On the 30th ult., at Hellesdon, by the Rev. C. A. Hope, Henry Bond, miller, to Hannah, fourth daughter of William Jeffries, farmer, both of Upper Hellesdon.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th October 1873

Henry Bond was given in Hamilton’s Directory of 1879 as at the Tower Mill, Upper Hellesdon Road. In 1881 he was given as a miller aged 38 living at the mill & dwelling house, Hellesdon with his wife Hannah (28) sons Henry W. (4) and Charles F. (3) and daughters Gertrude (6) and Emma (1). He was listed in Eyre’s Directory of 1883 as a miller at Aylsham road. The mill was marked on the 1884 map. In 1885 Henry Bond was elected one of the overseers for Hellesdon. Henry Bond was listed in White’s Directory of 1886 as a corn miller at Hellesdon mill, home Upper Hellesdon Road. He was at the mill until 1888, in which year the mill had a steam engine and Mrs. Hannah Bond followed him until at least 1890. The mill was standing in 1897 and Harry Pointer demolished it later. A round building was marked on the 1907 and 1914 maps – perhaps the base was left standing as a store when the mill was demolished.

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