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Magdalen Road postmill was standing in 1732 and may have been built by Robert Briggs. At that time the mill ran a pair of French buhr stones used for grinding wheat into flour and also a pair of Derby Peak stones that were probably used for animal feed. By 1815 the mill was exclusively grinding flour using two pairs of French buhr stones.

A Very able Wind-Mill, near Magdalen-Gates in Norwich, in good Repair, double Stoned Peak and French and a Pair of Cullins, to be Lett at Christmas next. She is well Customed, and a good Distance from Water. Inquire of Mr. James Skipper, or of Mr. Briggs the Millwright, both in Norwich aforesaid
Norwich Gazette - 22nd July 1732

John Preston was the miller in 1758 and his daughter Sarah, 17, was married to Michael Baldwin in St. Paul's Church on the 18th March of that year.

Benjamin Manhood was the miller in 1773. He was born in Attleborough in 1750, the son of John and Judith Manhood. He married Mary Millington, 17, daughter of John Millington, carpenter, at St. James church on the 21st June 1773. He was still the miller in 1779.

14th Jan. 1779: Benjamin Manhood of the Hamlet of Pockthorpe belonging to the City of Norwich, Miller.
Assignment. £350 Windmill and Round House. The Windmill and Round House above mentioned being assigned to Samuel Chapman of the City of Norwich, baker and Farmer, is hereby allowed
Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy 61026


To be LETT, and entered upon immediately, a very good POST WINDMILL, near Magdalen-gate, Norwich, with a large and convenient Round-house, two Pair of exceeding good Stones, and a Flour Mill, and all her going Geers, in Good Repair, and upon an exceeding good Construction for Business. - Also a DWELLING-HOUSE, STABLE, and HAY-HOUSE, with two Acres of Land.
For further Particulars enquire of William Barnham, White-friars-bridge, or of Samuel Chapman, Baker, St. Augustine's, Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th January 1783

To be SOLD

An exceeding good WINDMILL, just out of MAGDALEN GATES, on the Right Hand Side
Also an ESTATE at Morley, near WYMONDHAM, in the Occupation of SAMUEL GOULSTON, consisting of a Farm House, &c. with about 35 Acres of exceeding good Land adjoining.
For further Particulars apply to. James Parkerson, Tombland, Mr. Robert Smith, at the Corner of Hay Hill, or Messrs. Foster, Son and Unthank, Attornies in Norwich.
All Persons who have any Demands on the late Mr. Mason, of this City, Baker, Deceased, are requested to send to the said Mr. Parkerson, or Mr. Smith, An Account thereof; and all Persons who stood indebted to the said Mr. Mason, at the time of his Death, are desired to discharge the same immediately.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st October 1785

The mill was not sold, it was advertised again in December 1785, the same advert appearing but omitting the details of the estate at Morley. The mill was marked on Faden's 1797 map.

Richard Bush was the miller in 1814, when he went bankrupt.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankruptcy is awarded and issued forth against RICHARD BUSH, now or late of the city of Norwich, Miller, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the twenty-second day of June, and the second and thirtieth days of July next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of the said twenty-second day of June, and at four o'clock in the afternoon of the said second and thirtieth days of July, at the Maid's Head Inn, in the parish of Saint Simon & Jude, in the said city of Norwich, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects, when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint; but give notice to Messrs. Atkinson, Wilder and Mackerall, Solicitors, Chancery Lane, London; or to Messrs Steward and Skipper, Solicitors, Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th June 1814

His stock in trade was sold off on the 12th July 1814.

By Order of the Assignees,
On Tuesday, July twelfth, 1814, at the Wind-mill situated near Magdalen Gates, Norwich, lately occupied by Mr. Richard Bush.
THE STOCK IN TRADE of the said RICHARD BUSH, a Bankrupt; comprising ten very capital fat hogs, to be sold in lots of one each, about three sacks of coarse flour, considerable quantity of fine pollard and bran, fourteen coombs of oats, also 300 sacks in lots, part of them quite new, eight flour cloths, four sail cloths, three sack barrows, bushels and corn screens, large iron beam, wood scales, and weights, bill thrift, seven bills and two iron crows, iron and wood shovels, a very capital grindstone, miller's cart, plough and harrows, cart saddle and breechings, four pig's troughs, three swill tubs, and a variety of useful articles. The whole will be sold without reserve.
The sale to begin at half-past ten o'clock.
N.B. At the same time will be Sold by Auction, about Five Acres of fine Growing Vetches, in lots, as now staked out.
The Miller on the Premises will shew the several lots. - Likewise five or six loads of excellent Muck.
All persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Bankrupt, are hereby required to pay their respective debts at the office of Messrs. Steward and Skipper, Solicitors, under the said Commission forthwith.

Norfolk Chronicle - 9th July 1814


A substantial POST WINDMILL, in good repair, two pair of French Stones, with Going Gears complete, situated within a short distance of Norwich.
For particulars apply to the Printers.

Norfolk Chronicle - 9th December 1815

To be SOLD by Auction
On Saturday, the 27th day of January 1816, at the Crown Inn, St. Stephen's,
Norwich, at four o'clock in the afternoon.

ALL that POST WINDMILL, with the brick round-house, machinery, and going geers thereto; together with the lease of about six acres of land, upon part whereof the mill stands, as also a Cottage, Stable, and two pig-sties, The whole was late in the occupation of Mr. Bush, and is situate within a very short distance of Magdalen and Pockthorpe Gates, Norwich; and possession may be had immediately.
N.B. - Part of the purchase-money may remain on mortgage.
Enquire of Steward and Skipper, Solicitors, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th January 1816

James Royall was the miller in 1830. The mill was marked on that year's map. It was also marked on the 1834 map.

With Immediate Possession, (if required) or at Michaelmas next.

A Capital POST WINDMILL, in full trade, and in excellent repair, driving two pair of French Stones, flour mill, jumpers, and going gears complete, with cottage, granary, stables, piggery, and garden well planted; and also Six Acres of Arable Land, in a high state of cultivation.
For particulars apply to Mr. James Royall, at Hautbois, or to Mr. Wm. Hall, St. George's Colegate, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 9th July 1836

In the immediate vicinity of the City of Norwich.
On Saturday, the 16th day of July, 1842,
At the Cat and Fiddle Inn, Magdalen Street, Norwich,
At Four o'clock in the Afternoon
ALL that capital POST WINDMILL, most advantageously situated within a quarter of a mile of Magdalen Gates

The Mill has an excellent brick Round House, two pair of superior French stones, Flour Mill and Jumper, with all her fixed gears in capital repair, and stand well in the wind. There is a Miller's Dwelling-house, large Warehouse adjoining, brick and tiled Stable, three boarded and tiled Warehouses, two small well-planted Gardens, Mill; Yard, and two Inclosures of excellent Arable Land adjoining, and abutting on the High Road from Magdalen Gates to Catton and Sprowston, altogether containing about Six Acres.
The Land to be held at an annual rent for a term of seven years from Michaelmas next.
The property is now in the occupation of Mr. Stammers, and was formerly occupied by Mr. Royall, the Proprietor of the Mill, by whom very respectable trades have been carried on for many years.
For Particulars and Conditions of Sale apply to Mr. Skipper, Solicitor, Norwich, or to the Auctioneer.

Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd July 1846

John Stammers, born 1822, second son of Robert Stammers of Magdalen Gates post mill, Pockthorpe, Norwich.
At Wymondham 1850 - 1858.
Went to Dilham watermill by 1861 and to Mendham watermill 1864.

Letter from David Cubitt, Norwich, to Harry Apling - December 1982
N.B. John's brother Joseph Stammers, was miller at Mendham

Robert Stammers took the watermill at Gressenhall. In 1851 he was given as a master miller employing 3 men, living at the Mill, Gressenhall. His 2-year-old daughter had been born there. He was to remain at Gressenhall until his death on the 19th April 1885.


A capital Post Windmill, advantageously situate on the Hills above Pockthorpe.
A COTTAGE RESIDENCE may be had with the Mill, if required.
For particulars apply to Messrs. Skipper and Son, Bank Street, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 1st April 1848

John Custance Hammond was the miller in 1854, having previously been at the Pockthorpe tower mill. When John Gage took over Magdalen Road postmill when John Custance Hammond moved to the tower mill at New Catton.

Housebreaking. - About six o'clock on Saturday evening, the house of Mr. John Gage, known as Mill Cottage, Magdalen Road, was entered by two men, by means of skeleton keys, whilst Mr. Gage and his family were absent. The drawers in a bureau were broken open, but nothing was taken, the men being disturbed by a little girl entering the cottage whilst they were ransacking the drawers, on an errand to Mrs. Gage. One of them immediately knocked the girl down, and decamped with his companion. She is unable to give any description of the miscreants.
Norfolk Chronicle - 28th November 1857

John Gage was followed by John Andrews who was was born in Dilham c.1808 and had previously been at the post mill in Swanton Abbot. In 1861 he was given as a flour miller aged 53 living at the Mill & House, St. Paul's with his wife Eleanor, 52 and daughter Eliza, 258.

Daniel Howard was the next miller, being listed at the mill in 1863. Daniel Howard was the brother of Lydia, who had married John Custance Hammond. He was born on the 24th December 1822 and married Frances Ann Long on the 24th March 1847 at Thorpe St. Andrew. They had one son, Daniel, who was born in 1849. In 1851, he was given as a baker and shopkeeper aged 38 living in Barrack Street, St. James's with his wife Frances Ann, 35 and son Daniel James, 28.

Daniel Howard Sr. ran the Bakers Arms Public House in Catton from 1868 to 1871 and it seems the mill was disused by this time. It was dismantled in the summer of 1875.

To Millers, Millwrights, Builders, and Others,
IS instructed to Sell by Auction, on Tuesday, August 17th, 1875, in Lots, the Plant and Materials comprised in the

situate near Magdalen Gates, consisting of a pair of French Burr Stones, 3ft. 10in., a pair of 5ft. ditto, iron spur wheel, wind shaft, upright shaft, 2 stone nuts, stone spindles, flour mill reel and drums, 2 prs. govenors, oak post, crown trees and cross trees, capital old iron pig troughs, cart harness, springs, axletrees, and miscellaneous effects.
The sale will commence at Eleven o'clock.
Offices - Bank Plain, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 14th August 1875

No sails mentioned in the advert. These could have been removed and sold at an earlier date or blown off in a gale.

Daniel Howard sr. died on the 25th April 1902.

The mill was marked as a smock mill on the 1873 map but this is clearly an error. It is marked with a circle and the legend "Old Windmill" on the 1884 map. This could indicate that the roundhouse was left standing on its site 50' above sea level, after the windmill was demolished and possibly survived for a few years longer but It had gone by 1907.

1830: James Royall, miller

1846: Robert Stammers, miller

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