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This smock mill was used at various times as a Corn mill, Drainage Mill and Saw mill. It was built in 1828 and marked on the 1834 map with the legend “Marsh Mill.” It was also marked on the 1838 map, when it was for sale and removal.

To Millers and others,
is instructed by the Executors of Mr. HOWARD, deceased, late of Hellesdon, near Norwich,
To SELL, by Private Contract,

A capital SMOCK TOWER WINDMILL, (Winding Herself) standing on brick work six feet high, with four floors, patent sails, driving two pair of French Stones, (four feet two and four feet) with Flour Mill, &c. complete, and also the machinery FOR SAWING, the Mill has been erected within the last ten years.
The Purchaser will be required to take down and remove the Mill from its present site.

For price and further particulars apply at Mr. Spelman’s Office, Duke’s Palace, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th July 1838

The mill was advertised in September 1838 for auction to be removed.

To be Sold by Auction in the month of September, 1838,
on the premises of the late Mr. D. Howard, at Hellesdon, near Norwich.

The capital Smock Tower Mill, with two pairs of French stones and Sawing Apparatus, now standing in the Hellesdon Farm, and to be removed by the purchaser.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st September 1838

David Howard’s executors finally had the mill auctioned on the 27th September 1838. Apparently there was no buyer, as the mill survived until the 19th June 1842.

The Marsh mill on the opposite side of the river (to Heigham) was overturned, the damage said to be not less than 40l. sustained by Mr. Gowing, of Hellesdon.
Norfolk Chronicle - 25th June 1842

The mill is said to have been re-erected at Drayton

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1828 to 1842
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