drainage mill
Starston Beck

27th May 1978
27th May 1978

Starston hollow post windpump was installed to pump water from Starston Beck to Starston Place to be used by Home Farm.

After renovation the pump was in running orser and set on a brick roundhouse approx. 8 ft. diameter and 5 ft. high with a conical slatted roof that supports an iron post. Four single shuttered patent sails with leading boards drove a recipriocating pump via a crank on the windshaft. The sails being turned to wind by a twin tail fins. An iron ladder was set against the main post.

O. S. Map 1903
O. S. Map 1903
Courtesy of NLS map images

c.1832: Windpump constructed by Suffolk engineers Whitmore & Binyon

O.S. map.1903:

1976: Windpump restored using grants from Norfolk CC, South Norfolk DC and the Norfolk Windmills Trust

1978: Windpump in restored condition

1992: Windpump restored with all rotten woodwork being replaced

2010: Windpump restored

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