Drainage Mills (Windpumps)
Steam Mills

Stibbard postmill was working in the 1200s.

Grant by Ralph de Paueli to Richard and Nicholas his sons of 2½r. in fields of Little Ryburgh and Stibbard near Thornecrundel and Wygate and ½a. at Brendelond and ½a. in Stibbard at Norcroft, [mid 13th century] (1 parchment)
Grant by said Ralph to said Nicholas of nine pieces of land in the fields of Little Ryburgh and Stibbard, one in field called Cranespit near Little Ryburgh common, and others near Bernardesbed, Wigate, Snakacre, near Stibbard  windmill and in field called Northcroft in Stibbard, free of all services and demands except suit when a plea runs by royal precept.


c.1250: Mill on land granted by Ralph de Paueli to his sons Richard and Nicholas

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