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Old Buckenham Fen Street postmill was almost certainly brought over from Caston where it had been dismantled to make way for the building of the new Caston towermill It has also been mentioned that some years the mill was once again dismantled and returned to Caston.

In Fen St. a mill formerly stood near what is known as Mill Farm, in the occupation of Mr. Fred Hardy. This also was a post mill & the property of the Loveday family. We are told that it came from CASTON & after some years was demolished & returned to Caston. It seems that milling was afterwards carried on at Mill Farm with a small steam plant.
Some Notes on Old Buckenham - edited by H.E. Read, 1944-1946

c.1864: Mill moved from Caston and reassembled

c.1864: Fred Hardy, miller

Unallocated millers from old Buckenham:
Poll Book 1802: John Barton
1811, 1821, 1830, White's 1836: John Lock
1811: Robert Brown

1811: Shadrack Lane
1821: Isaac Arms (1)
1821: Isaac Arms (2)
Pigot's 1830: Richard Lock, corn miller, Old Buckenham

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