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Drawing of upper half of postmill c.1790
Drawing of upper half of postmill c.1790

Letheringsett postmill stood on the east side of the village just to the northwest of the village hall. The mill was worked in conjunction with the nearby watermill and a faint drawing of the upper half of the postmill using common sails was still just discernable on the internal east wall of the watermill in 2008.

Letheringsett. Wind grist mill erected about 1754 for John Priest a Sheringham miller, who bought the water-mill estate and brewery. In 1757 his bankruptcy trustees sold the estate to William Colls, a Quaker.
Philip Unwin - 1972

To be Sold Extraordinarily cheap
An excellent STRIPPING CYLINDER, Case & going Geers. A Very strong 7 ft. pit & 3 Counter Wheels, Bridge Trees etc. an 8 ft. head Windmill - a small lot of French Burr Stones ...
Apply to Thomas Dunn, Letheringsett, near Holt.
December 30, 1797

Norfolk Chronicle - 30 December 1797

By Wiliam Chase from Norwich
On Tuesday 28th Day of September next between the Hours of Three & Six of the Clock in the Afternoon, at the Feathers in Holt, in the county of Norfolk.
The several ESTATES of JOHN PRIEST of Letheringsett in the said County, a Bankrupt.
Lot 1. A Dwelling House, Watermill & eleven Acres of Land in Letheringsett aforesaid, as also a Windmill thereto belonging, part Freehold, & part Copyhold. The Mills are new built & all in the Premises in good Repair. (The said Premises were in the Bankrupt's Occupation)
Lot 2. Dwelling House etc. in Letheringsett ... Brewing office ...
For further Particulars Enquire of Mr. Thomas Paul of Felbridge, Mr. Nicholas Downing of Holt or Mr. John Beeston of Langham, the Assignees to the Estate & Effects of the said Bankrupt, or to Mr. William Stuart Hawys, Attorney at Law in Fakenham.
Norwich Mercury - 18th September 1756

For Sale:-
Estate of John Priest of Letheringsett, a Bankrupt.
Brewing house, Malthouse etc. ... Public House ...
Norwich Mercury - 29th January 1757

Map of Letheringsett showing details of the village c.1760
Map of Letheringsett showing details of the village c.1760

Map c.1760
Details of above map

... John Priest, of Sheringham, miller ... (rebuilt water-mill between 1744 & 1754) ... In addition, Priest built a wind grist mill near where is now the Village Hall.
Re lane to north of Village Hall:-
At the south end of this lane once called Townhouse Lane, where is now Hill House, John Priest, miller erected a wind grist mill.
On the Breretons leaving Letheringsett John Priest, a Sheringham miller bought the mill estate & the brewery as well. He had also a wind grist mill just north of where Hill House now is, a good position for a windmill as there were no trees nearby to mask it.
History of Letheringsett - Basil Cozens-Hardy, 1957

1791: Thomas Youngman, millwright, Letheringsett

1839: Thomas Youngman, millwright, Letheringsett

c.1750: Mill built by John Priest

1756: John Priest, miller (educated at Free School, Holt) bankrupt due to extravagance

September 1756: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with the watermill

January 1757: Mill advertised for sale by bankruptcy trustees of John Priest

1757: Mill bought by William Colls jnr jnr

1770: William Colls jnr jnr died and his son William jnr jnr jnr inherited the mill

1772: William Colls jnr. died; Solomon Colls (brother and minor) inherited

December 1797: Mill advertised for sale

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