Gt. Yarmouth
South Myddlemylle Denes postmill
No. 6


Drainage Windpumps
Steam Mills

This should be the new mill referred to in a copy of a lease of 1542 to Wm. Steelyarde, carpenter, stating that . . . he lately had a lease of a windmill belonging to the Church of St Nicholas, called the South Myddlemylle, but that he had taken down and carried away the mill from the place where it stood. He now covenants within one year, to re-edifie, make and buld upon or near the site where the said mill lately stood, as good a mille as either of the South mylle or north myddlemylle standing upon the Denes of Yarmouth aforesaid.
Reference to William Steelyarde and his lease - Rye 1970

1542: William Steelyarde, carpenter, leased the mill from the Church of St. Nicholas

c.1542: Mill demolished to be replaced by a new postmill, no. 6A

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