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Mill working c.1908
Mill working c.1908

Croxton towermill was a five storey mill built of red brick in 1885 to replace the earlier postmill. The Norfolk boat shaped cap had a petticoat, fantail, gallery and two pairs of double shuttered patent sails each with 8 bays of 3 shutters. This was possibly the last corn windmill to be built in the county.


21st May 1980
21st May 1980

O. S. Map 1904

O. S. Map 1904
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1885: Mill built by William Kemp to replace earlier postmill on same site

1888: Frederick William Kemp, miller

1890: Frederick William Kemp, miller (had moved to Ovington mill by 1892 and Strumpshaw by 1896:)

Kelly's 1892: George Green, miller (wind) Croxton mill

Kelly's 1896: James Tuck, miller (wind) Croxton mill

Kelly's 1900: Henry Tuck, miller (wind) Croxton mill

Kelly's 1904: Louis & Hubert Beane, millers (wind) Croxton mill, Croxton

1908: Louis Beane, miller

Kelly's 1912: Matthew Green, miller (wind) Croxton mill, Croxton

c.1914: Mill ceased to use wind power

Kelly's 1916: Matthew Green, miller (steam) Croxton mill, Croxton

O.S. map 1891:
Croxton Windmill (Corn)

O.S. map 1904: Croxton Windmill (Corn)

1926: Mill derelict

1937: Painting by Karl Wood showed mill as a three storey stump with a pointed roof

1980: Three storeys of the truncated tower remain

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