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Norfolk Windmills

Painting of mill - c.1890
Painting of mill - c.1890

Bradwell post mill was in Suffolk when it was working. However the parish is in Norfolk now, so I have included it within this archive.The mill stood in a yard on the west side of the A143 Beccles Road, half a mile east northeast of the church.

The mill had a 2 storey buck set over a 2 storey roundhouse. The buck had a gallery set at eaves level, an ornamental porch and a six bladed fantail set on the ladder. Power was supplied by four double shuttered patent sails.

Roundhouse - 16th August 1962
Roundhouse - 16th August 1962

It was the genial Charlie Hadingham who first introduced me to the fact that the mill roundhouse still survived at the rear of the Bungalow Shop, of which he was the proprietor. Indeed, at the time (1962) he offered it to me, as long as I could take it away! In many ways it was a conventional post mill with four anticlockwise canister-mounted double-shuttered patent sails, a two-storey buck and a six bladed fan mounted above the steps. In addition, there was fine ornamental porch and, unusually, a wooden gallery at eaves level. The mill is marked on a map of 17636 and was still standing in 1903, having lost its sails in 1895. The last miller was Sidney Disney. By 1962 the tarred two-storey red-brick roundhouse was in use a s a store for the shop but it disappeared any years ago. Two elderly ladies, living in the mill house at that time, loaned me the paining which I have copied.
Barry Davis - 12th April 2012

Map 1736: Windmill

1895: Sidney Disney, miller

1895: Mill lost its sails

1903: Mill still standing

1962: Charlie Hadingham, site owner, running a shop in a bungalow with the mill roundhouse behind

1962: Black tarred roundhouse with a conical pointed roof, worse for wear being used as a store

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